Jul 032008

I love Audiosurf. I mean, I REALLY love this game. You use your own music library to form tracks to race on. Every night I am racing along to Muse, Kylie Minogue and holy shit, some of Moby’s dance electronica is like bobsledding down Mount Everest.

There is a central leader board that keeps track of your high scores and compares them to people all over the world. That takes me back to when you play video games at the arcade and you see some asshole managed a billion points off of Asteroids. Despite the fact that the high scorer most likely is some austic kid with a coffee addiction, but damn it, you wanted to be that kid.

For someone like me, that means I can be the champion of Ray Steven’s theme song for super cheese movie, ‘Cannonball Run’ because I actually have the song on my hard drive of horrors. It’s easy to be champion when you are the only person in the game racing along to a song that was inspired by a Burt Reynolds movie.

Until last night when I received an e-mail from Audiosurf letting me know that I had been dethroned by someone who scored like five times more than I did.

Think about that. I thought I was being a dork by being the only person in the world to be racing to this song. Now I know that there is someone more hardcore cheesy than me.

Son of a bitch. It is on.

Play Audiosurf this weekend.