Nov 152010

An old friend of mine, Isabel, got back in touch with me recently. Isabel is a phone sex Mistress who works at a lovely website that offers audio recordings as a side business. I have always loved Isabel’s writing and the only thing more delightful than her writing is to hear you read it herself.

Listening to her recordings and the recordings of other mistresses, I got that itch to try it myself. I enjoy writing my stories but sometimes I wish I could really convey the utter annoyance in Mr. Dillon’s face. I wish my readers could hear Otto Von Madd’s brilliant confidence. I think the Texanah stories in particular might be better listened to instead of read.

On a style note, I like the intimacy of a audio story. I sometimes feel that my stories lack heat. I am confident in my ability to tell a plot, but I worry sometimes that my stories are not particularly sexy. An audio story, especially one where the speaker addresses an unheard recipient, is like a dirty letter. It forms a bond that I think is very sensual. I think I can tell some sexy stories, especially some BDSM ones this way.

To aid me in this endeavor, I downloaded the demo version of Mixcraft. It is a bit overpowered for my purposes. It is a lot like buying a Hitachi wand to use as a paperweight. I love it. That thing is smarter than me which lets me just record things and not worry about it keeping up with me.

I learned a lot recording my first story. For one thing, don’t read the whole fucking story in one take. also, don’t tuck your foot under your leg because halfway through the story you will want to move it and your loud creaky chair will drown you out.

The most important thing I have learned is that some stories are not meant to be read out loud. Things that look great on paper and inside your head, don’t necessarily sound right in the mouths of people. The best example I know is Frank Miller’s Sin city. On paper, the endless narration reads like a wonderful deluge of misery, crime and desire. In the movie, spoken by people, it sounds like a parody of noir spoken by someone with criminal tourettes. You won’t know if what you write is genius until you actually read it out loud.

Which doesn’t even get into how my voice sounds to me. Holy crap, I do not like my voice. I sound like a teenager in my opinion. Where’s the super cool voice I hear in my head all of the time? I am greatly disappointed.

Isabel and I were discussing our productivity issues. We decided to do what we call the 30/30 Porn Thing. We will write and record a new story every day for thirty days. The emphasis is to produce something, not over edit ourselves into paralysis. This works great for me as it forces me to use Mixcraft and learn how to use it on a daily basis.

This is where you, my curious readers, come in. I am thinking of setting up an email list where I send out a link to the audio story of the day. Feedback is appreciated as I do genuinely want to make stories worth storing on your iPod. Right now I have two stories done and have 28 to go. Man, thanksgiving is going to be tricky.

If you would like to be a part of this, please send an email to shonrichards at Put 30/30 P Thing in the subject line so that I catch it. Every day, at some almost random time, I will send out an email to the people on the list. I will use internet magic to blind copy the email so all of you secret readers don’t have to know each other. I will be using to store the downloads and I am cuious how that works too.