Aug 102009

Pictured to the left is one of my old City of Heroes characters, the Choice. What I loved about Choice was that she was the kind of character who leaps into the middle of a fight. She lets her punch and kicks do the sorting out of life’s problems. If you can’t Thunder Kick someone, maybe an Eagle’s Claw will do. She allowed me to indulge my reckless side.

I sure as heck need that now. I have no less than three long projects partially completed right now. It’s not procrastination that’s killed me this time. It is just a manner of finding time and working out the individual kinks of the projects.

Project #1 is a long story featuring my Librarian characters. I was seeking to imitate an Agatha Cristie mystery with a mansion full of suspicious characters. I have a delicious premise, and a good plot, but the execution destroyed the key dynamic that I love about the Librarians. Claire is Mr. Dillon’s sub, but they work together as a team. I was halfway through the story when I realized Claire was just getting kicked around by these neat characters, but the teamwork was nowhere to be found. I can fix it, but it will require me rewriting every chapter that I have done so far.

Project #2 is a Nighthammer story written as a Choose Your Own Adventure. I got it started but discovered that before you can write a story where the reader gets choices, you need to lay out all the choices before you really do any writing. I had to fall back on my nerd skills of a roleplayer and make the ‘dungeon’ the reader will be traveling through. It’s a little frustrating to get excited and want to write a section, but realizing I really shouldn’t till the whole damn thing is plotted.

Project #3 is a fictional blog that I tells a 3 month story and then ends. I want to have the whole thing written before I do post one, which is a good thing considering that at the rate I am going, I am averaging a post about every two weeks. I have an outline and a handful of posts worked out on that one.

In addition to these, I have my current Erishella obsession and doing posts three times a week. Oh, and Blood Bowl, the game of violent comedy football. Cripes, I could post every day if I was allowed myself to talk about Blood Bowl.

It occurs to me that what is keeping my projects on hold is me. I need to pick one and just attack it and only it for a week. I need to jump in like I was playing Choice and roundhouse these stories till they get done. I need to stop thinking and do more writing.

I’ll still post stories every Wednesday because quite frankly, nothings breeds short stories better than having to write a long story. Just thinking about replotting the Librarian story gives me an idea for a Texanah story. I also have a perverse pride in posting a new story every week. I don’t think viciously attacking one story will affect my posting schedule though it may put my Chaos Team’s chance at the Blood Bowl trophy on hold a bit. Oh, the sacrifices of a porn writer.

*Sketch Card of Choice drawn by the incredible George Sportelli*

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Apr 032009

Back when I was a kid, there was this insane little phenomenon called G.I.Joe. Apparently Joe started out as some sort of boy’s version of the Barbie but by the mid 80’s, he had shrunk down to a five inch toy fully accessorized with CRAZY. The old Joe wore army fatigues and had sensible weapons. The new Joe was about 50 figures, all different shades of the rainbow and equipped with Ninja swords and laser rifles. It was like some sort of science fiction military that looked like the Justice League. I loved it.

And then there were the women. The good guys had a token girl. She was a redhead named Scarlet and her gun was a crossbow. Hmm, that seems silly now. I had a Scarlet and she was always dating my favorite Joe at the time, whomever he may be.

The bad guys got a token female named Baroness. Black hair, black leather and most important of all, she had glasses. Heck, I think she was the only toy I had ever seen with glasses. 14 year old Shon had glasses and so did an evil woman with an undetermined accent. Obviously we had a lot in common.

G.I.Joe was a huge franchise. They had a cartoon series that was written by many ex-comic book writers. The actual comic book was a surprisingly mature book that introduced young Shon to such terms like ‘extreme prejudice’. The comic also introduced a subplot where Baroness was in love with a Scottish Arms Dealer named Destro. I remember at one point Baroness sacrificed herself to save Destro and was horribly scarred by a fire. Young Shon was very upset. I didn’t see Scarlet sacrificing herself. Baroness was obviously the better woman.

Looking back, it is easy to see why so many geeks my age still have a thing for Baroness. The glasses are a big key as she was essentially the first geek girl many of us would encounter. Princess Leia was a tomboy, Dale Arden was a victim and Wonder Woman was a goddess, but Baroness had glasses and in the 80’s that made you a nerd no matter how sexy your leather outfit. At the time, being a bad girl was a determent. Today that would get you a blog and a Suicide Girl interview.

The picture is a sketch from the fabulous Frelncr. He was selling some of his preliminary sketches and although I usually have little interest in art of franchise characters, I couldn’t resist picking up this one of Baroness. It’s amusing and a little juvenile which is something young Shon would have drooled over every waking moment. Now I just need to finish that time traveling mail system.

Feb 062009

Hi, I’m Claire Currie. You may know me from a series of erotic fictions know as the Collette-Ashbee Collection. I’m filling in for Mr. Richards today as he has called in sick. Being a melodramatic writer, he claims he ‘has some sort of rare infection from beyond the stars.’ I think he just has has a head cold, the big baby.

No matter, I shall be filling in for him all weekend. I may organize his links better or I might just stay on this couch and read all weekend. I haven’t decided. After what he put me through in his last story, I think I deserve a vacation. Ask me questions or go to one of the links on the side and read Mr. Richard’s stories. Personally I feel that ‘BDSM Beach’ doesn’t get half the attention it deserves.

Regular blogging should resume on Monday. I bet Mr. Richards writes one of those weird Apocafuck things he enjoys so much.

Oh, this image was drawn by the ever talented Alex.

Dec 122008

Listen up landlubbers! This is Scarlett Drake with some crucial holiday gift advice!

NO FUCKING GIFT CARDS! If it is for a coworker, sure, but if it is for someone you plan to ever have sex with, do not buy them a damn gift card! Buy them something personal, jackass. You know what never happens? A woman never says “Oh, one year Bob got me a gift card for Borders and that was the greatest Christmas ever!”

If you buy your loved one a gift card, do not be surprised when you wake up being ass-raped in the middle of the night. That’s all I am saying.

Also, when buying for the special cabin girl or boy in your life, buy them something as if you were still dating and haven’t been at sea for 18 years already. That means no vacuum cleaners, no blenders and for the love of Neptune, no DVD’s of movies you want to watch. Cocksucker, buy some romantic shit!

You know what else you need to do or you will be walking the plank? Wrap the god damn thing! If you have to pay other people to do it, fine, but get that fucking thing gift wrapped. If you give them something still in the store bag, you deserve to have your ear cut off.

Finally, rum, jewelry and threesomes are always the perfect gifts. You can’t go wrong there. Yo ho ho and have a merry Christmas.

Scarlett Drake drawn by the ever cool Shyft9

Nov 042008

“This is Scarlett Drake. I’m a super-villainess who uses a pirate theme to commit my crimes. Did you know that pirates in the Caribbean used democracy all the time? The Captain was the highest authority in combat, but the entire crew voted on matters such as where to sail, how to divide treasure and which bar wench to fuck first.

If you are an American and you’ve voted, great job. Have some rum on me. If you are not voting, my question is why the fuck not? Are you telling me that illiterate scurvy ridden sea dogs with syphilis had a greater sense of civic duty than you do? I should stab your useless carcass with my laser cutlass.

As a pirate, I am voting for Barack Obama. Seriously, if we have four more years of Republican economics, there might not be an economy for me to steal from anymore. There is no 700 billion dollar buyout for pirates. And that Alaska chick? There is only room for one hot super-villainess and that is going to be me.”

Commission Art by Infinite Silence

Oct 152008

This is the Choice, my favorite character from City of Heroes. She’s drawn by Dualmask who has many talents but fight scenes and great looking black women are what caught my eye. He graciously drew this for me before putting his commissions on hiatus to pursue his own projects. Here Choice is fighting local crime at the start of her career when she wore spandex. Not the best option for clothing when fighting thugs. There is something ironic to me that Choice is experiencing a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.

Obligatory character biography information-

Jalle Brown came from a poor neighborhood and from a terrible family. She watched her older siblings fall into the traps that a bad neighborhood offered, from going into crime to getting knocked up and married. Jalle decided that she was going to be the only one to decide her own fate.

Meanwhile, in the Spring of 2002, so many choices were being taken away from people. The freedom for gays to marry, the freedom to control your own body and the freedom to vote was all under attack by a corrupt government and a shell shocked population. Jalle realized that the entire country that she loved was being denied the ability to choose their destinies.

So after training in the Martial Arts and attaining complete mastery of her body, she donned a mask and put on some spandex. She fought crime and championed human rights as the Choice.

Now let me tell you something, playing a black female civil rights superhero in an online game was an eye opener. Racial discrimination from other players was a strange thing to run into in a game where we fight Nazis. Even though I was playing one of the most powerful classes, a lot of male players resented having a female doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. People were also offended by even the name of Choice, often asking me if I was some sort of abortion champion.

What I found interesting was that I listed my character’s history in her bio but I never talked in game about her beliefs. 99% of the time I was just kicking bad guys, and the other 1% I was helping newbies out, but I would get these angry messages from assholes that were offended that the character existed. That only encouraged me to keep playing her.

The flipside was that I also received messages from players who were inspired by her. I got a lot of compliments from black players who were happy to see a black hero that was not a disco throwback with a giant afro. I think it was important for them to see a black hero someone was taking seriously. That has informed my writing on a lot of levels.

Thankfully after the 2004 elections the racism and sexism died down. I kept playing City of Heroes till my divorce and I loved every minute of it. Choice is one of my favorite characters that I have ever made and perhaps one of the ones that I am most proud of.

Oct 022008

Daggerpoint was having a sale on quick sketches and I decided to grab one for Laura from Volleyball Mad-ness. I really liked how he conveyed action in this picture. It’s pretty much exactly how I imagined it.

I’ve had this image for over a month but I haven’t posted it because I know in fiction, what people imagine a character looking like is superior to any one artist’s interpretation. Hell, I wrote the character and I always imagine Laura’s hair being shoulder length even though I always describe her hair as short and athletic. Now that the story is over, I feel free to share.

I am so happy with this picture that I am tempted to get more art commissioned for my stories. Deviant Art has a lot of great artists who work in many different price ranges. This image was 10 dollars and I would have gladly paid more. I think for blogs that lean more towards fiction, using a drawn image has a better impact than a photograph lifted off a porn site. For one thing, when you commission art, you can get exactly what you want in pose and body type. For me, commissioning art is another creative outlet.