Jun 102015

Ronald Fowell looked at the two security guards outside his office. They were big men. Both of them were ex-military and looked like barely restrained beasts inside their suits. They both had orders to maim first and ask questions later.

“All clear, Mr. Fowell,” the one on the right said. “The office is secure.”

“Thank you,” Ronald said. He didn’t bother to learn their names. They were here to fuck people up, not be his friends.

They opened the door for him and he walked in. The skyscrapers of Manhattan loomed beyond his windows. The skin of a lion he shot in Africa was laid out on the floor. A desk calculated to intimidate clients lurked in the room.

Sitting on top of the desk was a woman. She had long blonde hair and a striking red dress. A white mask covered the top half of her face.

Last time it had been a black woman. Before that, a Korean woman. The only thing that stayed the same was that damn white mask. That and the name she insisted on being called.

Ronald paused at the door,

“Trouble, sir?” the other guard asked.

The masked woman smiled. She was genuinely amused.

A chill went down Ronald’s back. “No, just the sun,” he lied.

Ronald closed the door behind him. He walked towards the woman and set down his briefcase. He started to speak but the words caught in his throat. They came out on the second try.

“Please, I did what you asked, Adrian,” Ronald said.

“I know you have,” the woman said. Her accent was Southern. He wondered if she was the same woman as before. It was impossible but there was something in that smile. It had the same cruelty as the other women. This was Adrian.

Ronald stood in front of her. “I invested in sugar and soybeans like you requested. I sold all my shares in technology companies.”

Adrian tilted her head. He wished that he could see her eyes.

“Are you trying to tell me that you have been a good boy?” Adrian asked.

Ronald wanted to say yes but he still had a bit of pride left. He kept it professional. “I transferred the million dollars to that offshore account.”

The masked woman reached for his belt. Ronald said nothing as she unbuckled him. His breathing quickened as she unzipped him. He bit on his lip as she pulled his pants and underwear down.

Adrian smiled at his shame. Her fingers tapped on the plastic sheath that encased his limp cock. That slight touch made his dick jump.

The masked woman giggled. “It wants my attention. You haven’t tried to get it off, have you?”

“No!” Ronald said a little too quickly. He had tried to use lube to slide it off but it was on too tight.

“I know you haven’t,” Adrian said. “Because the C-4 explosive is very sensitive. If it feels even the slightest attempt . . . BOOM!”

Ronald jumped. The masked woman laughed.

“Please,” he said. “Please take it off.”

Adrian reached for his balls. They were free of the damn cage for all the good it did him. Her fingers stroked his balls with gentle care.

Ronald’s cock jumped. It strained to get hard but the sheath was too tight. It was forced to curve inward; forever denying him an erection.

The woman leaned closer to his cage. “Imagine the things I could do to you if it was free,” she said. “Imagine the things you would do to me if you could.”

Ronald did. He would fuck her mouth. He would rape her ass. He would strangle her and then fuck her.

Adrian took him into her mouth. Ronald gasped. The warmth of her mouth heated up the plastic container that encased his cock. He felt the flick of her tongue against the tiny little slit in the cage that let him piss. She hummed and he felt vibrations run up and down his dick.

A whimper escaped his lips. It had been weeks since he woke up with this damn curse around his dick. His balls felt heavy as if they would burst with all the come he had been storing.

She stroked his balls with his trapped cock in her mouth. A tingle ran through him. He wondered if he could come. Maybe if she stuck his finger up his ass. He had heard of that working. Maybe if he stuck his own finger up his ass . . .

Adrian pulled his cock out of her mouth. The plastic cage was shiny with her spit. She flicked her tongue on his balls.

Ronald’s cock throbbed.

“Tell me what you are trying to do,” Ronald said. “You’re manipulating the market but if you told me your goal, I could help.”

Adrian stood up. Ronald’s confined cock throbbed with a longing that made it hard for him to think. His knees shook.

“I left new instructions on your desk,” Adrian said. “Invest all of your client’s money in those futures. I will also need another million. I left a new account number.”

“I’ll do it!” Ronald said. “I swear, I’ll do it! I’ve already embezzled too much from my clients to go back at this point. I’m in too deep! Please take it off! Please just let my dick free.”

Adrian shook her head. That cruel smile burned into him.

“For now your dick belongs to me,” Adrian said. “Tomorrow, who knows? It all depends on how good you are.”

She walked away and went into his private bathroom. Ronald wanted to run to her. He wanted to grab her and punch that damn mask off her face. One scream and his security could be in here. Let the goddamn police and FBI figure out how to defuse this bomb. That’s what he paid taxes for!

Ronald’s hands went to his balls. Was he really willing to risk his dick on some government employee? He might survive the blast but his dick and balls wouldn’t.

He pulled his pants up and walked to the bathroom door. It was time he took control of this situation. He was Ronald God Damn Fowell! He didn’t claw his way to where he was just to get blackmailed!

His fist pounded on the bathroom door. “We’re not done talking!” he shouted.

There was no answer. His anger got the best of him and he opened the door.

There was no one inside.

Another whimper escaped his lips. Was he going crazy? A different woman every time didn’t make sense. Was he having some sort of breakdown? Was any of this real?

His dick throbbed against the hard plastic cage. That was real enough.

Ronald went back to his desk to take a look at her new instructions.