Jan 062014

I am not a believer in New Year’s Resolutions. There is a gym near where I live and every January it gets slammed with people and by the end of the month, the number of people trickles back down to what it was before. It is a cynical reminder of how bad people are in keeping promises even to themselves.

My opinion is changing as I have spent the last few months depressed. I find myself not sad and full of despair as much as there is a slight undertone of hopelessness. My therapist says that a two year period where I lost a testicle and a brother would depress anyone but I don’t know. I am healthy and I didn’t like my brother, so I feel like I have less of a right to be depressed.

What I do know is that writing cheers me up. I am always thinking about writing but I am not always exactly writing. I have quite a few unfinished projects and I have quite a few never-started projects. I think I would like to get some of those projects off the table.

My goals for 2014 are the following:

1. I have a haunted house book that I wrote last year that I still haven’t done a third draft on. I need to get that sucker out the door.

2. I started an anthology called ‘Words’ where every story is about writing on the female skin. I wanted ten stories and I have three at the moment. I want to either write more of those stories or call the project dead.

3. I miss gaming. I miss writing about gaming. I am staring a new blog where I chronicle a miniatures game about Space Pirates. I plan to update that at least once a week. Here is the link.

4. I’ve heard good things about Smashwords but I haven’t published with them. I want to change that.

5. I want to write another choose-you-own-erotica book. I have learned a lot since the last book one thing I have learned is to not make it 300 pages.

6. When I wrote “My Teacher, My Slave,” I intended to do an entire group of books that were based on the over the top themes of pulp paperbacks and usenet groups. I haven’t really done anything else in that vein and I think I am missing out.

7. Reviews on places Amazon really help a reader decide to try a book. I am making a promise to myself to write at least two reviews a week on erotica sites other than my own to help other writers.

There, let’s stop at seven. Every month I think I will check in and see how I am doing.