Jan 262022

“Now, one,” the technician said.

The dildo inside Debbie expanded in size. She grunted as it filled her. The pseudo-cock began to pump with slow steady thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” Debbie whispered. She was bent over the fitting table. The contours of the table adjusted to support her body was she getting slowly pummeled.

The cock was too big, but it also felt so damn good.

“And now, two,” the technician said.

The dildo remained the same but this time, it didn’t go as deep. It only went about three-quarters of the way in before pulling back. The pace quickened as well.

“Ohhh,” Debbie moaned.

“Which is better?” the technician asked.

“Uhhh,” Debbie responded.

“One,” the technician said.

The dildo pushed deeper. Debbie squealed but she wasn’t afraid. The thick dildo slowed down to a regular methodical pounding.

“Or two,” the technician said.

The pseudo-cock resumed a higher speed. It didn’t go as deep and Debbie groaned with relief and a touch of disappointment.

The choice was clear. “One,” Debbie whispered.

The dildo came to a stop. Debbie’s pussy clenched around it. She resisted the urge to rock back on it.

How long had she been at this? It felt like an hour but one damn good hour. Her pussy was being well-used and the patented lube they used kept her from getting sore. The people at Von Madd Laboratories were thorough. When they promised a custom-made sex machine, they weren’t fucking kidding about it being custom-made. They took calibration here very seriously.

“Okay,” the technician said. “Now this is one.”

The thick cock slid in and out like a steady piston. It went deep inside of her and Debbie knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. The dildo began to oscillate inside her.

“Oh!” Debbie cried out. This was new.

“And this is two,” the technician said.

The oscillations became more pronounced. It twisted and writhed inside her with every thrust. She had never experienced anything like this before.

“Oh fuck,” Debbie groaned. Was this better? Was it worse?

This might take a while to be sure.

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