Dec 062021
She can play in my playground all night long.

Fastner and Larson are an artist team that has been around forever. Their art is mostly fantasy good girl perils and monster encounters but when you have been around as long as these two have, it gets impossible to describe all of their work. My quick description is that they do art of what you would expect to see in one of my stories.

To say I am a big fan is an understatement. I have been collecting their work since before I discovered the internet. In fact, a lot of their work has inspired me and my stories for years.

This collection, Devil’s Playground, is their latest publication. It includes the usual goodies along with a pleasant personal surprise. After I published Ravished Inside the Haunted House, I commissioned them to draw a picture inspired by one of my favorite scenes. That sketch has a proud place in my home, so it was a double delight to see a finalized version in this book. I won’t say which image it is, but readers of Ravished will recognize it.

Also, it has a few drawings of this cutie. She reminds me of someone . . .

I think I know your mom.

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