Nov 192021

Camp Clarity is a “found footage” style horror podcast. The first season concerns a group of young high school graduates going on a camping trip before they separate for college. The one kid who is not leaving town has a podcast, so he records the trip and hopes to get some usable material out of it. Bad things happen and gets recorded.

This past October, I thought I would try to listen to fictional horror podcasts. There was more than I was expecting out there but they fell into predictable tropes and rather uninspired voice acting. One was promising until it got to the two part story about how an unmotivated guy with no real charisma lost his girlfriend. I was starting to lose hope but then I came across Camp Clarity.

I really enjoyed the quality of this show. The voices are distinct and the personalities are strong enough that you don’t get confused with five people talking. The plot wraps up in the first season, although like most good horror stories, that doesn’t mean all the questions have been answered.

There is a second season hat I haven’t gotten to yet, but I highly recommend checking out the first season. The showrunner has moved onto producing more podcasts for other companies but promises there will be a third season. Either way, what there is of this story is well worth your time.

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