Nov 242021

Princess struggled to stab through the turkey meat. The fork she was using, pink with a cartoon princess’ face on the handle, was made for children and therefore the tines were remarkably blunt. It was also tiny, which made every bite feel like a small nibble. The spoon was just as bad and the knife was only good for spreading butter, and it had better be half-melted at that.

She finally managed to spear a small piece and she brought it to her lips. A tiny bit of gravy fell from the bit of turkey and landed on her bare breast. For today’s event, she was wearing one of her special-made dresses. It looked exactly like a certain fairy tale princess except the part where her breasts were exposed. Her nipples were bright red from all the sucking that Master and his friends had given them.

Princess winced from the kiss of hot liquid. When she looked up, she noticed Beggar Boy across the table was staring her tits again. Princess blew him a kiss and the handsome man winced. No doubt his cock was trying to grow again inside the tight metal cage that surrounded it. Princess enjoyed teasing Slut-Beggar because it was always so easy to torture a man who only comes every other month.

Beggar Boy returned to his food. He had not been given silverware and was struggling with the mashed potatoes. Princess was tempted to reach out and get his attention with her toe, but no, they were not allowed to touch each other at the Sub Table and Princess always followed the rules.


Loud smacking noises came from Princess’ right. It was Fucktoy. Unable to see with her hood on, and her hands bound to her thighs, Fucktoy was reduced to eating from her plate with her mouth. She was making a mess, all over the plate, the tablecloth and her bare tits with the cruel metal nipple clamps.

Princess was of the opinion that Fucktoy should be eating with the pets at the trough. Unfortunately, Master had explained that Fucktoy had earned her place at the Sub Table. Seeing how Fucktoy was sucking the kernels off the corn cob with no hands, Princess had a few suspicions on how that had happened.

Beggar Boy jumped in his seat. Next to him, Bella giggled. Her dark breasts jiggled within the tight French maid uniform she wore. She caught Princess looking at her and she winked.

Princess blushed and looked away. Master had talked about arranging a playdate with Bella and her Mistress. It was implied that Princess could have Bella as her personal maid for the session as others watched. Princess was terrified of performing for others, but she also couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Leave Beggar Boy alone,” Thor said from Princess’ left. The big man spoke with authority that he didn’t really have.

“Are you going to tell on me, Thor?” Bella said. There was a vulnerability in her voice that Princess wished she could emulate. “Maybe if you do, they will let you punish me with that big hammer between your legs.”

Thor frowned. The oil on his muscles glistened.

Princess did her damn best to not look to her left and at the hammer Bella had mentioned. She especially tried not to imagine the metal bar than ran through the thick head of his massive cock. Most of all, she tried not to think of that powerful man driving that monstrous tool into her screaming body.

A bell rang on the table. Princess took a quick drink of her water. Thor and Bella put down their silverware while Beggar Boy sighed and cleaned his fingers on a napkin. Fucktoy lifted her head from the plate and finished chewing.

Twenty seconds later, everyone’s vibrators activated.

Princess cried out as her thick toy buzzed to life inside her.

Thor let out a pleasant moan and smiled.

Bella squealed and gripped the edges of the table.

Fucktoy shuddered, drool falling from her open lips.

Beggar Boy frowned and then whimpered as his cock strained against the small metal cage.

After a minute, or maybe two, the vibrations stopped. Everyone slowly recovered and went back to eating. It was quiet once more at the Sub Table.

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