Oct 182021
The Hostess with the Biggest Assets.

Cassandra Peterson, the alter-ego of Elvira, is 70 years old. She states it right away in her new autobiography because it is the first thing people bring up about her in news articles. I’m bringing it up because holy shit, 70 years old and she can still get Shon Richards anytime she wants him. Dayum.

It is also a warning that Cassandra has a lot of ground to cover in her life. Unlike some biographies, Cassandra had an amazing full life as a showgirl, Italian movie extra, comedy stage performer and dedicated music groupie long before she became famous as the Mistress of the Dark.

Once she becomes Elvira, things get really crazy as she details her rise in fame, the Coors Beer promotion, the making of both Elvira movies and her struggles with network executives. That isn’t even mentioning the entire chapter about the haunted mansion she buys, fixes and survives before selling it to Brad Pitt.

Sadly, there are also the sort of #MeToo moments you expect from any woman who has ever tried to have a career. I was horrified by some of these tales but these kinds of stories are essential for society to change. I appreciate the strength it took for her to share them.

I am an admitted mega-Elvira fan so this book was a must buy for me but I think it would appeal to just about anyone. The adventures in Vegas alone could fill a book and were a delight to read. Come for the haunted hills and stay for the crazy story of Cassandra’s adventures in Hollywood.

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