Oct 252021
Yeah, I wouldn’t ring that doorbell.

There is a tour at the Sunshire Chateau. Nine tourists have gathered to visit a sprawling mansion that rarely opens to the public. The Tour Guide is something of an asshole but the house is something truly special. It is made of all different architectural styles and crammed with expensive treasures. There are the usual rumors of ghosts but who believes that? Besides, there is a rumor that the owner of the house left a fortune somewhere hidden in the walls. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

That is the premise of Gemma Amor’s Six Rooms, a truly delightful novel about a haunted house. I can be a snob about my haunted house stories but not this one. This book does everything right. It creates lovely locations that you want to visit. It features interesting ghosts and creepy occurrences. It has a good mix of sympathetic characters and pure jerks that you can’t wait to see suffer. The book is rich in language and makes you feel like you have been culturally enriched even thought you didn’t actually visit an old house.

I won’t say much about the plot because I sped through it one rainy day. Most horror readers will figure out what is happening soon enough but the real mystery is in the understanding of what terrible thing caused the house to be haunted in the first place. The book takes an interesting approach in speculating about the idea of places being the victims of trauma and abuse that I found fascinating.

If you read one spooky house book this Halloween, you can’t go wrong vising the Six Rooms.

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