Oct 112021
Hey kids, ready to be terrified of something other than sewer clowns?

Ice Cream Man is a horror comic that is a bit hard to describe. Yes, there is an Ice Cream Man and on my Goddess, you never want to meet him, but he is not quite the star of the comic. The star is whatever poor soul intersects the Ice Cream Man and has their life hijacked by terrible circumstances. These ordeals range in flavors from unexpected poison spiders to full blown cosmic reality horror in self-contained stories that last a single issue.

But the main characters don’t always suffer. Well, they suffer for awhile, but for a horror series, there are flashes of mercy. Some people grow. Some learn something about themselves. There is a ton of heart in these stories, and it is the heart that makes the horror hit so hard when it just flattens some poor schmuck who maybe deserves exactly what they get.

Which brings us back to the Ice Cream Man himself. What the fuck is he? It is unclear. what we do know is that he is a wicked entity that enjoys his work. There is something mythical about him and the existential dread that follows him puts a lot of other so-called cosmic terrors to shame.

The biggest compliment I can give Ice Cream Man is something that happened to me last month. I was reading another comic from another company and an ice cream truck was in the background. The feeling of sinking doom I felt from spotting it was incredible. It really hit home how iconic this series is that it crept me out in other media.

If you are looking for the best horror anthology comic around, and you love real emotions in your horror, then you need to take a lick of the Ice Cream Man.

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