Oct 202021
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“Greetings mortals, it is I, Suckubeth, that beautiful chick who really loves dicks. And also pussy. Well, whatever you have down there, I am down to fuck it. With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick, Burny!”

“Woe to you, reader! Your soul is halfway to being damned and yet you continue to read these stories! There is little hope for you, and less hope for your ability to be sexually satisfied ever again!”

That’s a good point, Burny. Today’s tale is called Take Your Due. It will spoil the reader with sensual delights of a supernatural nature. Why, I doubt they will ever find satisfaction with a human lover ever again.”

“Much like having sex with a TERF.”

“Whoa, Burny! I knew having your skull on fire with help you with sick burns. As for you others, read on, mortals.”


Renata turned off the front porch light. There would be no more trick-or-treaters, mortal or otherwise tonight. She set aside the bag of candy and ascended up the stairs to the study.

A circle of power had been laid out with chalk, salt and underwear from this year’s lovers. Six candles flickered around the room. The large double window was open and the cool October air set a chill on the room. A Grandmother clocked ticked away the minutes.

Renata lingered near a mirror. Her curvy body was wrapped tightly by a black dress. Red heels and stockings covered her feet and legs. Matching red gloves encased her hands and went halfway up her arms. Around her chest was a short dalmatian print jacket. To crown it all, there was a frizzy wig, one side white and other side black.

She wasn’t sure if the outfit suited it her dark complexion but it wasn’t important. This costume was the most popular one this year; belonging to some sort of fashionista super-villain in the movies. Everyone recognized it, which meant it was known in the collective subconscious of the spiritual world. Even gods, demons and spirits pay attention to the trends.

The Grandmother clock began to chime. Renata took her place in the circle. A flutter of fear bubbled within her along with a dampening of her red panties.

When the clock struck 13, Renata spoke.

“I, Renata Desconocida, call upon my creditors. I have used your name in my magical works, and benefited from your powers. Tonight, I stand before you, ready to pay my debts. Let all that I owe come to me now and take your due.”

There was a crack of thunder. Renata groaned. It was the Storm Drummer. She had been hoping to work her way up to his presence.

Fabric ripped along the back of Renata’s dress. The tear went all the way to her waist and she felt the sides of the dress pulled aside to reveal her red panty-covered ass.

Renata stayed where she was. It was disrespectful to move.

An unseen hand pulled at the cloth of her panties. She felt the flimsy material bunch together and then pull upwards. The Storm
Drummer gave her a very unpleasant wedgie to expose both buttocks.

Renata teetered on her red heels. Fabric rubbed against her hairy sex. Despite the discomfort, her panties only got damper.

WHAP! Something hard and elemental slammed into her ass. A starburst of pain bloomed on her bottom. The force of the blow sent her forward but she was held in place by the terrible wedgie.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! More spanks rained onto Renata’s bottom. Each strike was a bolt of pain to her curvy bottom. The slaps moved around her ass according to some mysterious pattern that she could not discern. All she knew for certain was that her ass was turning to fire.

Tears stung Renata’s eyes. She thought back to the spell she cast this year in the Storm Drummer’s name. A group of anti-vaxxers held a protest at a hospital. Renata had been angered by their ignorance and engaged in a little pettiness. The sudden storm she summoned had drenched the fools. Powerful winds took away their signs. A single bolt of lightning had struck a nearby tree and that tree had fallen on a car owned by a protestor.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The spanking intensified. Renata’s hand clenched tightly as she rode the pain. Some of the blows struck the tops of her thighs and those hurt like wildfire.

“Completely worth it,” Renata whispered.

The spanking stopped. Renata flinched from a slap that never came. The wedgie against her ass and pussy crack lessened. The Storm Drummer had taken his due.

Renata quickly pulled her panties out from the crack of her ass. There was a faint whisper and then another. Hot breath washed over her neck. He of a Thousand Mouths had arrived.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Renata whispered. She squatted down to the ground, flinching from the pain in her spanked ass. As quick as she could, she tried to sit down on the ground. Before she could make, an irresistible force swept her feet out from under her and she landed hard on her ass.

“Fuck!” she yelled on her back. She had just avoided hitting her head on the floor but her welt-covered ass was firmly against the hardwood.

Something held her feet in the air. Renata watched as the red heels were slipped free and tossed to the ground. Sharp teeth nipped at her stockings, destroying the fabric until her toes were exposed. Occasionally, one of those sharp teeth nipped her delicate feet.

Ten mouths took each of Renata’s toes. Ten tongues licked in a frenzy as ten sets of lips sucked. More mouths kissed the bottom of her feet.

Renata groaned. It was quite nice. Ten mouths nibbled, licked and sucked with infinite care. She tried to imagine the being that could have so many mouths close together and gave up. It might be better not to know.

Some of the kisses, especially on the bottom arch of her foot, tickled
Renata. Her legs involuntarily kicked but her feet were held tightly by He of a Thousand Mouths and there was no escape.

Unfortunately, the kicking and jerking only agitated the spanked cheeks of Renata’s bottom. To alleviate it, she placed braced herself with her arms and lifted her ass from the hard wooden floor. It helped, but she wasn’t strong enough to hold herself for long.

“This would be a great work out,” Renata admitted.

Hungry gobbling sounds surrounded Renata. She remembered a young woman who had come to her house, asking for a spell to squelch a nasty rumor about her. Renata had done as she asked, calling on He of a Thousand Mouths to replace those rumors with words of praise. She accepted no payment for that task but she was reconsidering that choice now.

The licking of Renata’s toes sent shivers down her legs. Those shivers were answered by wet clenches of her pussy. When He of a Thousand Mouths sucked harder, Renata thought she might actually come.

“If only I could get those mouths on my flower,” Renata whispered. But alas, the spirits chose their forms of payment and He of a Thousand Mouths licked her toes every single Halloween.

Ten mouths released Renata’s toes. Her feet dropped like dead weight but she kept them from hitting the floor. She quickly rolled off her tender ass and slowly stood back up. He of a Thousand Mouths had taken his due.

Beams of light emitted from each of the candles and formed a brief network before fading away. Something small crawled down Renata’s back. Aunt Spider was here.

Coils of invisible web brought Renata’s arms and legs together. She was lifted into the air by a few inches. A slow numbness spread through her chest, arms, legs, and thank the Goddesses, her ass, but curiously left her pussy wet and fully alert.

Renata opened her mouth. An invisible pussy that she knew would be there pressed against her lips. Liquid as sweet as syrup and twice as sticky flowed into her mouth, and down her chin.

Smooth pussy lips pressed harder against Renata’s mouth. She felt something tug the wig from her head and let it drop to the floor. Something sharp and pointed combed through her short black hair.

Renata licked. Unlike He of a Thousand Mouths, Renata was slow and respectful with her licks. She stretched her tongue as deep as she could into the invisible sex pressed against her.

Something crawled over Renata’s panties. She could feel multiple legs dancing over the flimsy damp material that felt plastered to her sex lips. There was a slight inconsistent tug that hinted at removing her underwear.

Could it be? Aunt Spider had never touched her pussy before. Did this mean that she was becoming closer to the ultra-conceptual being?

Renata pushed the thought away and returned to her licking. Aunt Spider had been good to her this year. Using her aid, Renata had reunited three families and found a lost child. She paid her respects with deep loving licks and gentle kisses to the entity’s dripping sex.

Sharp talons, eight in all, pushed Renata’s head. The soft touch of pussy lips pressed against her face. The smell of sex filled her mouth. She pushed through unseen folds to continue licking despite the lack of air she was getting.

As Renata licked, she wiggled her hips. The invisible web around her allowed her that small movement. She humped the air, desperate for her sensitive pussy to be touched.

There! A talon stroked her soaked panties and the sensitive flesh below. There was another stroke and then another but then it moved away.

Renata kept wiggling in the air. All the while, she licked with a stronger passion. The wet juices of the spirit coated her face.

Eventually, the unseen pussy quivered against Renata’s face and then moved away. The bound woman was gently lowered to the ground. When her feet were firmly on the ground, the cocoon of pressure that bound her limbs slipped away. Aunt Spider had taken her due.

The numbness faded as well, which meant the smoldering pain of her spanked bottom returned. Renata stood her ground and resisted the urge to rub her tender butt. She did wipe her face but the juices remained.

There was the sound of falling coins. Every reflective surface sparkled with green light. The air grew stale as if sealed inside a vault. The Emerald Banker was here.

Before Renata could react, the front of her panties was ripped open. Powerful hands grabbed her hips and lifted her into the air. She spread her legs as wide as she could. A moment later, something hard and as thick as a roll of gold coins pressed against her sex lips.

The unforgiving rod pushed into Renata. She cried out as it filled her sensitive sex. The immense girth pulsed inside her and then pumped like a piston as it fucked her.

Renata cried out again. The Emerald Banker had no use for foreplay. He was as old as the concept of wealth and it is no coincidence that he was a patron of the oldest profession. The staff of his cock fucked her offered sex.

Pain flared in Renata’s spanked buttocks but they were a mild distraction compared to the fucking she was receiving. She reached for something to hold onto but just like the stock market, there was nothing to touch. Renata resorted to grabbing her short jacket just to have something to clench while she was getting railed.

The sound of falling coins increased. The pounding of Renata’s pussy became faster. The green light in the mirrors became too bright to look at.

Renata took it. It had been a good year. She owed the Emerald Banker for her house, her new car and her enormous closet full of shoes. That is not even counting the money she spent on online sex workers for her magical ingredients. She would have gladly given her ass if the Emerald Banker wanted it.

Spectral hands lifted Renata’s legs. She winced as her flexibility was tested. The unseen cock continued to pummel her pussy as her legs were straightened into a spilt in the air. The heat in her ass was soon eclipsed but the burning in her thighs.

“Oh fuck,” Renata grunted. This was new. Apparently, financial security during a pandemic required harder payments.

The relentless fucking pushed Renata’s pussy to the edge. She was going to come. Orgasmic bliss was just a few thrusts away.

The Emerald Banker stopped. Renata clenched down in frustration. She grinded her hips, trying to get her satisfaction from the thick wand inside her.

The cock withdrew. Renata sobbed and then laughed. Of course. The Emerald Banker gives and he denies.

The force holding Renata’s legs vanished. She brought her feet together as she began to fall and she landed on her feet. Previous experience had taught her to bend her knees to keep from hurting herself.

The falling of coins ceased. The green light faded. There was an ache in Renata’s pussy that came from a stiff fucking and a cruel denial. The Emerald Banker had taken his due.

Renata needed a moment. She dropped to her knees. Her pussy dripped onto the hardwood floor. How much time before the next one comes?

Tears sprang to Renata’s eyes. Memories of her grandmother dying flashed before her. There was no time. The Prince of Sorrows was here.

She stayed on her knees. The dalmatian-print jacket was pulled from her body. Renata straightened up as the front of her black dress split open to reveal the red lace bra holding her tanned breasts. The bra fell apart in tattered fragments to expose her tits.

Renata smirked. The Prince of Sorrows was obsessed with breasts. She wondered once more about the legends concerning the Prince’s mother.

Unseen hands grabbed her breasts. They gently pulled and squeezed. Fingers cupped her tits and palms kneaded into the soft flesh. There was a brief flicker of a tongue against one nipple and then gentle lips kissing the other.

The need between Renata’s thighs increased. She wanted to rub her pussy but that was frowned upon. Her body was an offering, and some entities took pleasure in her suffering. It is better to please them with her denial than to let them invent their own payments.

Something hard pressed Renata’s chest, between her two breasts. Although not as large as the Emerald Banker’s, it was still a divine size. Invisible hands squeezed her tits around the invisible cock.

Renata tilted her head down and spat at the canyon of her breasts. It was weird to see her tits mold around something she couldn’t see. She spat a second and a third time, making sure to get the area as slippery as possible.

The Prince of Sorrows began to thrust. He fucked her tits with his ghostly dick. Something brushed the bottom of Renata’s chin.

She spat again. The Prince of Sorrows didn’t care about lubrication but Renata did. Already a heat was building between her breasts. She was tempted to rub her soaked pussy and add the juices to her tits but ruled it out. Touching the Prince’s cock with a hand, any hand, was strictly forbidden.

The phantom cock slid faster between Renata’s breasts. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Memories of Emilia came to the surface and she pushed them back down again. That fact that it was easy to not think about her was why the Prince of Sorrows had come tonight.

Hot liquid splashed on her neck. More fluid spilled onto her breasts. The ghost cock quivered and released more seed. Renata didn’t see anything but she could feel his cream coating her breasts.

Unseen hands released her tits and the phantom member left her chest. A sense of relief washed over her. The urge to smile was irresistible. The Prince of Sorrows had taken his due.

A gust of wind shook the house. A rough hand pulled on Renata’s hair and she went on all fours. A foot kicked her thighs apart and something licked her pussy.

Voices whispered. The floor creaked from heavy weights. A half-remembered song came to mind, followed by the smell of rosemary and thyme. The signs of many manifested and crowded against each other.

The spirits were done with taking turns.

Something hot and slender slipped into Renata’s pussy. At the same time, thing short and thick pushed into her mouth. She sucked on something sweet and cold while the thin cock inside her began to pump.

Gentle kisses rained on Renata’s spanked bottom. Sharp needle points pricked her hanging breasts. Someone guided her right hand to a long cock and she obediently stroked it. Tight bands of what felt like metal encased her left thigh and constricted.

Renata let them do as they wished. She stroked the hard cock in her hand and relaxed her throat around the sweet rod in her mouth. The walls of her slick pussy clenched around the slender cock fucking her with a fury. The pricks to her breasts she took with all of her courage though she knew her whimpers would delight those that were tormenting her.

The cock in her mouth released a thick milkshake that tasted of vanilla. It slipped out and was replaced by two cocks that reeked of dog hair. She sucked on the cocks, alternating her tongue back and forth between the two lengths as they fucked her mouth.

A delicate feminine mouth sucked on Renata’s clitoris. She shuddered and then groaned as a thick tentacle probed her tight asshole. It slipped in, growing bigger the further it reached inside her. All the while, the slender cock continued to ram her drenched sex.

Renata climaxed. Her back arched and cold rain fell on her back. She shuddered, clenched and writhed but the spirits continued to use her body.

The hand she had been stroking splattered the side of her face with invisible seed. Something sucked on her earlobe on the other side. The slender cock pulled out of her sex and was replaced with the mouths of two women sucking on her juices.

Renata came again. Bliss flowed through her body like an ocean in a hurricane. It came from all directions and Renata could barely comprehend it all.

The tentacle withdrew from Renata’s ass. A long finger took its place. It pushed and wiggled its way into her stretched orifice. Knuckle after knuckle penetrated her most intimate spot.

The cocks in Renata’s mouth sprayed their seed, thick streams that spilled from her lips. They slipped out and she barely had time to choke before a hairy pussy pressed to her lips. Every lick of the unseen sex sent a tingle up her tongue that went straight to her pussy.

Soft breasts pressed against Renata’s hanging tits. The cock in her pussy pulled out and was replaced with something curved and slightly cold. After it was done with her sex, it pulled out and was replaced by a tentacle that spun slowly. When it had used her, the tentacle was replaced by a warm cock that jingled with every thrust.

Renata climaxed again. As she screamed her pleasure, the symphony of sensations abruptly vanished. Cocks, hands, tits and mouths no longer touched her body. Unsupported, she fell forward onto the hard floor.

She opened her eyes. One by one, the candles around the room winked out. The windows closed of their own volition. Grains of chalk vibrated in different directions and broke the circle.

It was over. The spirits had taken their due. Renata stayed on the floor, drunk on orgasms and the relief of finishing another Halloween.


“Oh dear. I may be a supernatural manifestation of sexual fear, but even I am a bit flustered by that one.”

“I feel like I need a cigarette and a cold shower, and not just because my skull is on fire.”

“Perhaps we should go somewhere more private and engage in an orgy for two? How does that sound?”

“Praise Don Coscarelli! That would make my eternal damnation worthwhile!”

“I should certainly hope so. As for you poor readers, you will have to resort to mortal means to satisfy yourselves. Return next week for the final Halloween story of the month. I will catch your souls later.”

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