Sep 102021
Every dungeon adventurer’s danger sense is screaming right now.

Dave’s girlfriend went on a trip so Dave decided to do an art project. He made a maze (actually a labyrinth) out of cardboard in the living room. Because he started by building it around himself, he got lost and is no longer able to find his way out. You see, an important detail to know is that the maze is bigger on the inside.

The girlfriend comes home. she is not amused that Dave is stuck inside this ugly cardboard mess in the living room. Dave won’t let her break the maze down because he is attached to it. A bit despondent, she calls Dave’s friend Gordon to help get him out. Gordon brings Leonard, who brings Harry, who brings his documentary film crew and three other friends as well as two random Finnish tourists and a homeless person who claims to know a lot about cardboard.

Despite Dave’s warnings, everyone goes into the maze. Sure enough, it is bigger on the inside. Did I mention there were traps? Because there are traps and when they kill someone, their body spurts red ribbons everywhere instead of blood. There is also a Minotaur. You do not want to get caught by the Minotaur.

There are two kinds of people reading this blog post right now. There are those who think the whole idea is stupid and it hurts their head to think about. Those people should avoid this movie. The other group of people want to go poking around in the cardboard maze and those people should definitely go watch this movie.

Dave Made a Maze is listed as a Comedy/Horror but I find that description kind of simple. People die but there is such a surreal feeling to this movie and the deaths are so ridiculous that I couldn’t take any of it serious enough to consider it horror. I would call it a Cosmic Comedy as once again, almost everything doesn’t make sense.

The characters are weirder than the maze. Harry is trying to film a documentary throughout the entire ordeal. Gordon is weirdly an expert for no discernible reason. The girlfriend is at first annoyed with this whole thing but she becomes enchanted that her boyfriend actually made something. Dave himself is a delusional creative that is so darn earnest in his wish to make something that I feel for the guy despite it all. The strangeness of the characters sell this movie as maybe the real maze is the people we know.

Nah, the real maze is the cardboard walls loaded with traps.

This movie came out in 2017 and I have no idea how such a weird creative quirky of a movie got past me for this long. Make sure it doesn’t pass you by either.

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