Sep 132021
Please don’t stain the couch.

Back in the late 70’s, Playboy Press published a series of books about the fictional Christina Van Bell. A group of writers took turns using the pseudonym of Blakely St. James. The covers depicted the same model, Jill De Vries, which went a long way to making the books stand out and have a unified theme. There is over 50(!) books in this series, which is really unheard of for porn. I keep seeing them for sale at high prices on Ebay and I always wondered if they were any good.

Lucky for me, I picked up a copy of Christina’s Delight at a cheap price and was able to indulge my curiosity. in the story, Christina is a millionaire magazine owner and editor in the 80’s when being a millionaire was considered filthy rich. while attending a party in New York, Christina meets and is seduced by a Portuguese Circus owner. She falls madly in lust with his giant cock and decides to go visit him at his circus in Europe. He isn’t there, so Christina decides to stay and work at the circus until the owner shows up. While killing time, she fucks a lot of circus folk.

This book had a few surprises. Instead of being an endless chain of sex scenes, there are unexpected adventures like some Russian circus folk being kidnapped and the circus has to rescue them. There are a few bondage/interrogation scenes. Unfortunately there is an attempted date drug rape but Christina avoids the ordeal. All in all, a lot more plot and excitement than I was expecting.

On the downside, the author seems to think that women’s breasts get larger when aroused. I thought I had misunderstood a metaphor but no, Christina’s breasts get too large for her clothes when she is turned on. It makes me wonder what the fuck was going on with the author’s sex life.

One thing I want to point out is none of these books have a number. I have no idea if this is book 20, 30 or 48 in the series. The good thing is that the book was self-contained and I never felt like I was reading something out of order. These books are clearly meant to be enjoyed on their own.

All in all, it was a fun book to read. There is a lot of sex, both M/F and F/F but also quite a bit of story. If you get a chance to buy one at a reasonable price, you should give them a try.

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