Sep 082021

The alarm cut through my dreams like a buzzsaw. I pushed my eyes open through sheer willpower. It was still dark outside. The rest of the world was still asleep. I should be too.

But no, I had made promises last night. A friend needed a creek wight removed from his garage and I said I would help. He was a good friend and dropped off naked photos of his wife when she got into one of her exhibitionist moods. It was an easy promise to make.

What I didn’t know was that after I made that promise, a big box of occult porn would come in the mail from Nashville. It was a diverse hodgepodge of magical smut and I spent the better part of the night skimming and sorting the books for future research. By the time my curiosity was sated, it was well past a decent time for sleeping.

I turned off the alarm and pulled my arm back under the covers. For a brief moment, I considered calling my friend and making my apologies but no, that will not do. Creek wights were not something you should ever face alone and I would feel guilty the next time I looked at his wife’s bush.

The decision made, all I had to do was get up. My body refused to cooperate. The bed was very soft today. The snugness of the blanket reminded me that my bedroom was always chilly first thing in the morning. Half-remembered filthy dreams whispered for me to return to slumber.

Yeah, I was going to need some help this morning. Under the warm blanket, I made a certain symbol with my hand, (fingers clenched into a fist with the pinky extended) and took a deep breath. I let out my breath and spoke the name, Kof-Ea.

A soft whisper tickled my ears. Something under the blankets tugged at my boxers. Invisible breasts pressed against my face. The smell of spring showers filled my nose.

I kept my hand clenched. Fingers wrapped around my cock. The unseen mounds on my face moved away and a firm buttock took its place. I bit down on a hard ass and heard a faint whimper.

A mouth took my cock, swallowing it down completely. A tongue snaked through the lips and licked my balls. Choking sounds came from under the blanket.

I groaned and the ass slipped away from my teeth. Something wet and hairy smeared across my lips. My mouth opened and my tongue licked sweet juices from somewhere warm and tight.

Another mouth sucked my big toe. Gentle fingers played with my hair. A breast pressed into my free hand and I squeezed.

A growl rose from my throat. My hips rose to thrust into a choking mouth. I used both hands to grab thighs that weren’t there.

The sensations stopped. My cock pulsed unattended beneath the sheets. The spirit pussy left my mouth but the sweet juices lingered on my tongue.

Kof-Ea was gone but that was alright. I was awake now.

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