Sep 292021

I bent the blonde girl over the dining table. She squealed as I roughly pulled her pants down. Bright green panties stretched across her wide butt. I pulled those down and took out my cock. She breathed loudly as I put the condom on.

Patricia didn’t say anything. She continued to eat her salad at the table. Her only concession to what was happening involved moving a flower arrangement from the center so the blonde wouldn’t knock it over.

I pushed into the blonde. She was wet, tight and hot for me. A cry of surprise came from her lips. She tried to rise up on her elbows but I pushed down firmly on her back. The blonde whimpered slightly as I pressed her flat.

“Stay there,” I said.

The blonde nodded her head.

I began to fuck her. Short, violent thrusts shook the table. The soda sloshed in Patricia’s glass. The blonde’s young ass made a clapping sound as I slammed my hips into her.

Patricia kept eating. This was nothing new to her. Earlier this year, I let her rent this basement apartment for half the usual rent. In exchange, she agreed to let me fuck her every other Tuesday afternoon. I could do whatever I wanted and she would never complain.

But Patricia had insisted on another clause to our agreement. If Tuesday came around and she had a proxy for me to use, I would fuck that person instead. That seemed extremely unlikely but also hot as fuck, so I agreed.

Eight months and sixteen fucks later, I have yet to fuck Patricia.

I pulled on the blonde’s hair. She lifted her head to face Patricia. No words passed between them as I continued to fuck the tight young pussy.

Where does Patricia get these women? Every week, it is a different one. They are always young. They are always hot. Never do they complain no matter what my vice is that week and trust me, I have a lot of kinks.

The blonde whimpered as I fucked her. Patricia finished her salad and toyed with the crust on her bread. I slapped the side of the blonde’s ass and she jumped. The clenching of my cock was delightful. I slapped her ass again.

Patricia got up to take her dishes to the kitchenette. After cleaning her dishes, she usually goes to the couch and watches television. Sometimes she goes to her desk and plays on her computer. Curiously, she never goes to her bedroom. She is always a witness to what I do to her proxy.

As for me, after a few more minutes of fucking, I plan to pull out and spank this blonde’s wide ass. We’ll go to the couch and I’ll have her suck me. Patricia might sit beside me to watch TV but she’ll never touch me. After the blowjob, I’ll might spank the blonde’s ass again or maybe I will just skip the spanking and go to fucking her ass.

Either way, I have already decided that I will come on the blonde’s face. A lot of the women hate that but it never stops me. This is a nice basement and these proxies are here to be used.

I know Patricia agrees.

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