Sep 202021
There is magic in those lips

The original series, Cult of the Carnal Ascension continues with a new installment, Empowered by Bliss. It is available for purchase at Amazon now!

Tasked by Six mysterious Gods, Ethan Hollaway is building a religion of lust. He only has the one follower for the moment but an attractive older couple witnessed some of his miracles and they have questions. Ethan is more than willing to reveal to them the sexual tenets of his Gods, but first, they need to grab some pizza. Even cult leaders get hungry.

Will Ethan add this sexy couple to his cult or will they run away from a man claiming to have six gods whispering in his head? Will the flirty waitress join in? Will the couple decline the offer to join the cult and just join in a foursome? How long will it take the top-heavy Stephanie to bare her breasts at complete strangers? And what terrible Demon of Avarice and Grief is stalking Ethan at this very moment?

Find out in my new book, Empowered By Bliss!

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