Aug 162021
We’re going to need a bigger ice floe.

Hey, did you like the marines in Aliens? Did you wish that maybe some of them weren’t assholes? Are you the kind of person that scrolls through b-movie descriptions and almost always stop and watch the movie about a bunch of military dudes checking out some place they shouldn’t?

Well, I have the ebook series for you. S-Squad, by William Meikle is about a British special forces team that keeps getting sent to bad places inhabited by damn near every weird thing you can think of. The first book, Infestation, takes place on a remote Canadian shore and without giving you any spoilers, let’s just say the place is REALLY infested with something nasty and pulled from some awful science journal.

I really enjoyed this book. It plays like a B-movie but avoids the worse tropes. The soldiers are smart. No one is a dickhead! A woman scientists pops up that is treated well and respected. The monsters are interesting and different. Did I mention that the characters are smart? There is no needless people acting stupid or being an asshole just for tension sake. You could easily picture your local gaming group being a part of this story.

Actually, I just want to stress that the characters are really likable. There is so much action fiction that is unreadable because the characters are alpha douche-bags that stop and complain about how liberals/smart folks/certain racial types are ruining everything. There is none of that bullshit here. These soldiers are sympathetic and cool, which is something I don’t say every day.

There are a lot more books in the series and I am steadily tearing my way through them. Characters die and new ones are added. Each book has also been self-contained. If you like action-adventure that avoids the pitfalls of toxic masculinity, then you should read this book.

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  1. Nice! I might have to check it out.

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