Jul 192021

Netflix justified their subscription price for another month with the glorious Fear Street series of movies. Adapted from what appears to be an endless number of books by RL Stine, these movies tell a tale about the most cursed town in America over three different time periods. The first movie is set in 1994 and apparently got their soundtrack from my computer, while the second one takes place in 1978. The final movie takes place in 1666. Yeah, olden witch times.

The premise for these movies is that a witch cursed a town to always know sorrow. The dead witch drives people mad and they become slasher killers. This has been going on for two hundred years so there is a LOT of slashers. We only get glimpses of most of them and they have really cool iconic looks that barely need any explanation. The slashers can be any gender and their kill counts are insane.

All of these murders take place in Shadyside, while nearby Sunnyvale lives in prosperity and hasn’t had a murder in ages. if that sounds suspicious as fuck, it is because it is.

Now, I was totally on board with a movie series about multiple slashers. What elevates this series is that it is told with a strong feminist viewpoint. The main characters are women. The story lines revolve around broken friendships, the lack of support from the male authority figures and the hardships of what is it like to be a woman who stands out in any way, shape or form that bucks society.

It is also interestingly enough a series about how hard it is to grow up non-privileged. The people of Shadyside are considered losers who keep killing themselves and all of their murder problems are their own fault. There is a lot of drug use and it is often portrayed as an outlet for these kids to escape their shit lives. Some kids who try to escape their backgrounds are resented by those who are stuck in their lives. Although it is never openly expressed, I found myself looking at this movie as a metaphor for how hard it is for impoverished people to escape the pre-destiny of their shitty starting situations.

But on top of all this, the series is a just a lot of fun. The kills are gruesome. The characters are worthwhile and will break your heart when they die. There is a lot of humor along with characters acting smart instead of making dumb moves like other slasher films.

So give the series a try. Even if you are not a slasher nut like I am, this is one of the best female heroine movies you will see this year.

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