Jul 162021
At no point do they ever attempt to explain where the purple hair comes from.

Frankenhooker tells the story of Jeffery Franken, a man who loses his fiancee in a tragic automatic lawnmower accident and decides to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, most of his fiancee’s body was shredded by the a fore mentioned lawnmower so he is going to have to get some new body parts. After drilling into his own head to scramble his sense of right and wrong, he decides to use sex worker parts.

You know reader, dead sex workers has to be one of my top squicks for fiction. Real life violence against sex workers is so pervasive in our world that I just can’t derive any entertainment from it in fiction. I have avoided this movie for years and it was only because of a recommendation that I decided to reluctantly try it.

And you know what? I liked it. This is a deeply silly movie. At no point is Jeffery a sympathetic character. The sex workers end up killing themselves by accident. When the fiancee is re-animated, she keeps repeating phrases that the sex workers said and Jeffery is dismayed. It is like this movie to trying to say something deep about how men are okay with using sex workers but not having a loved one as a sex worker.

Or that might be an accident.

Either way, this was a ridiculous movie with some laugh out loud moments. No one can accuse this movie of being sex worker sensitive, but it also wasn’t as misogynistic as the average 90’s. movie. It also has a surprisingly sexy scene where Jeffery is examining a group of sex workers and measuring their parts. It makes me wonder how many people acted out that fantasy after seeing this movie. Well, without the exploding bodies.

Anyhoo, Frankenhooker is a movie that deserves the cult status it has garnered over the years. It starts off slow but the once the freaky stuff starts, it never stops.

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