Jul 212021

The first orgasm is the easiest. All I have to do is pull Tracey’s pants down to her ankles and press my mouth to her cunt. On some days, her pants barely make it to her knees before she pulls my head to her sex.

Tracey’s panties are always soaking wet. It is a long drive from her husband’s house to my place. It is plenty of time for her to finger herself in the car. Once or twice, she leaves her panties at home but then the stains to her pant crotch are too obvious to hide.

Describing the taste of her sex would flummox a food writer. I wish I could say that I am some sort of expert of eating pussy but the truth of the matter is that I only know what Tracey likes. My tongue presses flat against her pussy like a palm. My mouth growls slightly. My head tilts against her like I am trying to hump her with my face.

A few minutes later, Tracey comes. Despite being older than me, she sounds like a young lady when she squeals. Hands clutch my thick hair as her pussy quivers against my lips.

The first orgasm done, we move on to slower and more mutual climaxes.

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