Jun 072021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. There are three planets in this system. One is a gas giant, the second is a near-molten slag too close to the sun and the third outermost planet supports life.

According to a satellite beacon, this inhabited planet is a “Chamber World”. My alien prisoner, HoleBuster-442 explained that the rules of this world. Certain sadistic/voyeur Entitled create mazes, compounds or towers that are filled with monstrous clones and valuable prizes. Other Entitled come to this planet, with their small armies of slaves, to invade these structures. Following strict guidelines, the Entitled are allowed to fuck whatever clone they defeat and in some cases, gather genetic material in order to create their own monster-slaves. In exchange the Entitled that set up these chambers are rewarded with endless recordings of the savagery that takes place, as well as the gratification of watching their monsters tear apart the challenger’s forces. It is a win/win for sadists on both sides.

Some of those prizes could be of great use to me. My prisoner has given me many of the design specs for his species’ technology, but some of the power sources needed to construct the weapons are beyond my abilities to replicate. According to the advertisements from the satellite beacon, one of those energy cells is the prize for reaching level sixty of a certain monster tower.

The Entitled’s superior weapons is a constant threat to my well-being as well as my mission for the Queen. I have no choice but to invade this tower and face down sixty levels of engineered monstrosities. It won’t be easy, but I can no less for my Queen.

Fortunately, the identification codes provided by my prisoner has allowed me to pass as an Entitled ship while in orbit. It is very uncomfortable parked next to dozens of ships that are easily capable of ripping my hull apart. After this mission, I plan to at least be able to do the same to their vessels. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Yeah, there is no way I can fight my way through this tower. According to HoleBuster-442, I would need at least thirty of my own monster slaves to get that far. It is a good thing that I don’t plan to play by the rules.

Darkness filled the room. Beams of light stabbed up from the floor in random spots. Hanging from the ceiling were white cocoons four meters in length. Each cocoon held a woman. It was easy to tell because the white material wrapped around them had been pulled apart to reveal perky breasts of all shapes and sizes.

TIK! TIK! TIK! Something tapped the ceiling as it moved. A shape emerged from the darkness. The top half, or maybe the bottom half since it was upside down, was that of a busty red woman. Eight eyes glittered on her face. Giant breasts sagged downwards. She had four arms, two of which were always groping her breasts. The other half of her body was the bloated oval of an arachnid, complete with eight spindly legs. This was the source of the tapping.

Vaquel Di stayed where she was. A skintight stealth suit clung to her voluptuous body from head to toe. Light refracted around her suit, making sure that not a single round breast, wide hip or thick thigh was visible.

The spider-woman monster paused. She pulled on her large breasts and moaned. Her eight eyes stared at the entrance of the chamber. There was a hopeful look on her face. It was clear she was hoping for an intruder.

“Might be a long wait,” Vaquel thought to herself. She has passed a group of invaders ten levels ago. They were having a tough time with a group of top-heavy cyborgs. Vaquel had lingered to watch the cyborgs fire rockets from their vaginas but left before she could find out who won. Her bet was on the cyborgs and their crotch-rockets.

One of the cocoons moaned. The spider-woman disappeared back into the darkness. TIK! TIK! TIK!

Vaquel hurried across the chamber. The stealth suit muffled the sound of every step. A beam of light emitted from the floor and passed through Vaquel’s invisible body. She reached the stairs at the end of the corridor and quickly ascended.

A sign at the top of the stairs declared in Palatino, “Level 60”.

A smile came to Vaquel’s lips. All she had to do now was find the power cell and then escape. It should be easy enough to locate. So far, every prize in the tower has been left on a convenient pedestal for easy removal.

The stair case opened into a wide room. Bright lights illuminated intersecting metal bars that emerged from the floor and walls. Each bar was a third of a meter thick. The bars formed a sort of web through the room. Curiously, the space between the bars were huge and offered no impediment to Vaquel’s height.

There was no sign of a monster. Vaquel found that suspicious. The metal bars obstructed her vision but she could make out a pedestal on the far end of the room, right beside a flight of stairs. Unsure of what else to do, Vaquel slowly walked towards the pedestal.

There was a skeleton on the floor. It looked humanoid, expect all of the bones had been crushed. That’s wasn’t good.

A meter away was another skeleton. Further down was another. Queen’s tit, the floor was littered with them!

Vaquel was increasingly unnerved. What had crushed these skeletons? For that matter, what had stripped out the rest of the body from these broken bones? Could it be invisible too?

Staying on the ground seemed like a bad idea. Vaquel grabbed a metal bar and climbed onto it. The bar was not as stable as she expected. It shifted a few centimeters. Vaquel was in no danger of falling, but it could be a problem if she was in a hurry.

There was a grinding sound. Vaquel froze where she was on top of the bar. She looked around for the source of the noise.

It was coming from a far wall. There was an opening there that Vaquel had missed earlier. Out came something large and red. It was a giant of a red woman. No, it was the top half of a red woman. The bottom half was the long tail of a giant snake.

The monster was huge. She was twice as big as Vaquel in width and girth. Glittering red scales covered most of her body except for a yellow area around her face, neck and tits. She had two arms and they rippled with muscles. The creature stretched out of the hole and curled around a large metal bar. The back half of her body extended for six meters at least.

The bar Vaquel was on vibrated as the monster moved. Vaquel grimaced. All the bars must be connected. The monster must have detected the vibrations when Vaquel climbed onto the bar.

The snake-woman slithered through the bars and towards Vaquel. A long forked tongue fluttered from her open lips. Bright yellow eyes scanned the room. The monster came within a meter of Vaquel and looked around.

Vaquel examined the creature. The scales looked armored, but the bare skin did not. Other than the forked tongue and reptilian eyes, the woman was quite beautiful. The arms were bigger than Vaquel’s thighs. Sharp talons glittered on the tips of each finger.

It was impossible not to stare at those giant breasts. They were big enough to exert their own gravity. Vaquel shook her invisible head. Every monster in this tower had enormous breasts. She wondered if they came that way or if the Entitled that owned this place bred enhanced that feature. It made her own large breasts feel small by comparison.

“I smell you,” the snake-woman said. Her voice was melodic. “I only smell one of you. Are you all that survived from your team? Take my advice and go back. Tell your owner that you failed.”

Vaquel said nothing. Maybe the snake-woman will think she left.

The monster shot through the bars with amazing speed. She slithered to Vaquel’s left and then cut back behind Vaquel. Briefly, her back was to Vaquel but then spun around. Her forked tongue extended nearly a meter and tasted the air.

“Wait a moment, something is wrong,” the monster said. Her forked tongue undulated in front of her. “I don’t smell blood. I don’t smell sweat. I don’t smell a treasure hole or the musky reward of lust. You didn’t fight and fuck your way to this level.

Slowly, Vaquel raised her wrist laser to point at the woman. It was one of the Entitled’s weapons, and she prayed that meant it would be tough enough to stop this busty horror. Maybe if she aimed for one of those tits. No, they enormous orbs might be too thick for her laser to penetrate.

“Clever, clever, clever,” the snake-woman sang. The music of her voice was quite soothing. “You are not a fighter. You have sneaked your way here. Fifty-nine levels of monsters, hand-picked for maximum sexual combat and you have avoided them all. Your plan was to just walk in and take the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell and walk out. Clever, clever, clever.”

Vaquel finally brought the wrist laser to bear. It was pointed right at the woman’s yellow eye. Wait. What was that dark furrow between the eyes? Vaquel recognized that triangle from somewhere. Was it in Exobiology class?

The snake-woman lunged to Vaquel’s left. Vaquel turned to track the monster with her laser but the snake-woman swung a thick fist and hit Vaquel’s weapon. The laser broke from her wristband and fell onto the skeleton-ridden floor.

Before Vaquel could react, the monster slithered onto Vaquel’s metal bar. She spun around the invisible explorer with incredible speed. The massive red body of the snake half coiled around Vaquel and squeezed.

Vaquel gasped. Her arms were crushed to Vaquel’s sides. Only her head, shoulders and tops of her breasts had escaped the enclosing grip.

The snake-woman brought her face close to Vaquel. She smiled. The forked tongue emerged from her lips and flicked the tip of Vaquel’s nose.

A memory came rushing back to Vaquel. Heat sensors. The dark area between the snake-woman’s eyes were heat sensors. Some reptiles evolve them to help track prey.

The snake-woman squeezed. Vaquel cried out as the crushing pain gripped her. The stealth suit flickered as the fragile systems failed. Vaquel became visible.

“There you are,” the monster said. “You wrapped yourself for me. How thoughtful!”

The snake-woman grabbed Vaquel’s head with her giant hands. Sharp talons pierced the flimsy stealth suit and pricked Vaquel’s skin. The monster pulled strips of the suit away from Vaquel’s head, exposing her face.

“Pretty, pretty,” the snake-woman said. She ran a talon through Vaquel’s short pink hair. The flickering tongue glided over Vaquel’s dark cheek.

“You are bigger than most clones,” the creature said. The forked tongue glided over Vaquel’s full lips. “I don’t recognize your class. Are you from another tower?”

“My name is Vaquel,” the explorer offered.

“No, no, no,” the snake-woman said. “You are wrong. Your name is Dinner.”

Vaquel’s heart raced but she kept her face calm. “I am not a clone. I come from another planet. That power cell is important for my survival. If you let me have it and let me go, I can help you get out of this place.”

The snake-woman hissed. Vaquel was afraid that she had offended the monster but then she noticed the creature’s tits were jiggling. The hissing gave way to laughter.

“Help me get out?” the snake-woman said. “And then what would I do? Lurk around other towers and ambush invaders on the outside? That sounds like too much work. I’d rather stay here and let come to me. I am kept very well fed.”

The coils tightened around Vaquel. She cried out again as the air was crushed from her body. Fire lanced through her ribs where her own breasts were crushing her.

“Fine, stay here,” Vaquel gasped. “Just spare my life. I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Anything I want?” the snake-woman said. “How interesting! I don’t usually think about what I want. I just take it.”

The monster’s snake body slid down Vaquel’s body a small amount. It was just enough to expose Vaquel’s chest but her arms were still pinned to her sides. The snake-woman grabbed the black steal suit that was stretched across Vaquel’s breasts. The sharp talons ripped strips away from the suit until Vaquel’s brown tits were exposed.

“They are lovely little pedestals, Dinner” the snake-woman said, staring at Vaquel’s breasts. “Do they do anything? Shoot fire? Aim your weapons? Help you fly?”

“The nipples are really sensitive,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman flicked a dark nipple with her forked tongue. The feathery touch sent a shiver through Vaquel’s body. The monster leaned closer and took Vaquel’s breast into her mouth. Sharp fangs bite down around her nipple but fortunately didn’t break the skin. Vaquel screamed and the monster let her go.

“I see,” the snake-woman sang. “They are more sensitive than mine.”

“Can I have a taste?” Vaquel said. “You tasted mine.”

The monster hissed. “What an idea! An equal exchange! I accept your perversity, Dinner.”

The snake-woman grabbed one of her yellow breasts and leaned close to Vaquel’s face. The taloned hand squeezed and the hard yellow nipple jutted forward. She brought the nipple to Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue circled the hard flesh. It had a spicy flavor. Vaquel almost drew back but she kept licking. Her tongue took long loving licks of the nipple.

The snake-woman shuddered. The yellow face faded in color. Her mouth opened and pointed fangs were barred.

“What is this, Dinner?” the snake-woman asked. “It feels good.”

Vaquel let the monster’s nipple fall from her mouth. “My kind calls it foreplay.”

“But there is only two of us?” the snake-woman said.

“No, it is what we do before we have sex,” Vaquel said.

“Ah, I usually humiliate, crush, and poison before sex, but this is nice too,” the snake-woman said. “Do it to my other breast!”

The snake-woman grabbed her other tit and presented it to Vaquel’s mouth. As Vaquel sucked on the offered nipple, the monster tilted her head back. The long forked tongue emerged and flicked the empty air.

Vaquel sucked on the spicy nipple. Her lips and tongue burned but she kept at it. She was tempted to use her teeth but the monster was probably used to rough treatment. The novelty of tender licking might be the only thing keeping her from swallowing Vaquel.

“that does feel good, Dinner,” the snake-woman said. “You are making me slick in my treasure hole.

Vaquel opened her mouth, keeping the yellow nipple between her lips. “You have a um, treasure hole?”

“Of course, Dinner!” the snake-woman sang. “How else will an Entitled fuck me if he ever defeats me? I have two. Do you want to see them?”

Vaquel nodded with the spicy nipple in her mouth.

“This is my primary treasure hole,” the snake-woman said. She used her hands to reached for an area just below her humanoid waist. Her fingers parted a fold in the scales to reveal a yellow slit.

“And this is my secondary treasure hole, in case they prefer something tighter and more painful.” The snake-woman twisted around to present her humanoid backside to Vaquel. The familiar curve of buttocks confused Vaquel until she remembered the creature was designed by horny cock-aliens. The snake-woman reached behind her and spread her buttocks to reveal a tight yellow hole.

“May I lick your asshole?” Vaquel said. “It is another skill of our people.”

“Yes, do it, Dinner!” the snake-woman demanded. Still coiled around Vaquel’s body, the monster brought her backside to Vaquel’s face. Red scales pressed against the trapped explorer’s cheeks.

Vaquel leaned into the scaly buttocks. The giant ass cheeks dwarfed Vaquel’s head. She wedged her face into the crack of her ass but the cheeks were too tight.

“This would be easier if I have my hands free,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman didn’t hesitate. The coils around Vaquel loosened enough for her to pull her arms free. As soon as she grabbed the monster’s scaly ass, the red coils tightened back around Vaquel’s body. Her large breasts were flattened against her aching chest.

Vaquel pushed through the pain. She grabbed a red buttock in each hand and spread them apart. The yellow sphincter muscle winked at her. She leaned in and stretched out her tongue.

A bitter flavor greeted Vaquel’s tongue. At least it wasn’t spicy. She took a lick and then another. The giant butt cheeks quivered but Vaquel kept them from clenching around her head.

“Dinner!” the snake-woman cried out. “That feels great! More! Give me more!”

The snake-woman thust her ass into Vaquel’s face. The red coil tightened around Vaquel’s body. A hand reached back and grasped Vaquel’s head in a taloned grip. She pulled Vaquel hard against her asshole.

Vaquel licked harder. There was nothing else she could do. The monster’s cheeks kept clenching and it took all of Vaquel’s strength to keep them apart. Her tongue did tight circles around the yellow asshole before taking darting pokes inside the clenching hole.

“My treasure hole is soaking wet!” the snake-woman cried out.

The grip on Vaquel’s head pushed her deeper into the monster’s ass. Vaquel’s face grinded into the clenching asshole. She lost her grip on the buttocks and they closed around her. The world went dark but Vaquel kept licking.

The snake-monster shuddered. The coils cinched around Vaquel. The air was forced out of Vaquel’s lungs. Her tongue was tingling. It was getting harder to lick.

The buttocks moved away. The grip on Vaquel’s body relaxed. The pinned explorer was still trapped by enclosing scales but she could breathe again. Her breasts ached from the constant crushing.

“I need . . .a . . . moment,” Vaquel gasped.

The snake-woman swayed in front of Vaquel. The tallow coloring of her skin was almost white. Both eyes were wide open and staring at Vaquel. The forked tongue flicked the air with rapid urgency.

“Dinner, do that to my treasure hole!” the snake-woman demanded.

Vaquel shook her head. “I only do that for friends,” she lied. “I don’t lick treasure holes of people who will eat me.”

The snake-woman growled. Vaquel didn’t know reptiles could growl. She didn’t like the sound.

“I’ll make you do it,” the snake-woman said.

“You can’t,” Vaquel said. “Crush me and poison me all you like; I won’t do it unless we’re friends.”

The monster frowned. “I have never had a friend. What does that mean?”

“It is simple,” Vaquel said. “You let me go, and you let me have the power cell that I need. In exchange, I will lick your treasure hole until you scream my name.”

The snake-woman swayed as she thought. “My job is to protect the Mark Nine Ultra-cell with my life. But I have failed before, and Master always revives me. I am the best clone he has and I have never had a friend before. Hmm, alright, I will be your friend. Now lick my treasure hole!”

“Let go of me first,” Vaquel said. “No, wait. Being hugged like this is turning me on. Just don’t crush me by accident.”

“That will not happen,” the snake-woman said. “I will crush you on purpose.”

Before Vaquel could respond to that, the monster woman grabbed Vaquel’s head and brought her sex to Vaquel’s mouth. Cold scales pressed against Vaquel’s lips. Vaquel used her own hands to part the slit in the scales. A musky scent greeted her nose.

“Lick, friend! Lick!” the snake-woman demanded.

“At least she isn’t calling me dinner anymore,” Vaquel whispered. She took a test lick of the monster’s pussy. There was a savory flavor that she wasn’t expecting. It was quite nice. Vaquel licked deeper.

“Oh!” the monster woman moaned. “I like this! Give me more!”

Vaquel swirled her tongue inside the snake pussy. It was tighter than she expected for such a large creature. No doubt the Entitled made sure that all of their monster clones retained a sex tight enough for their fucking.

The snake-woman shuddered. The coils quivered around Vaquel’s body. Vaquel felt her own pussy dampen in response. She tried to push a hand into the coils to rub her sex but the enclosing body was too tight around her.

“This is almost better than fighting!” the snake-woman cried. She ground her sex into Vaquel’s mouth. As her torso moved, the top coil of her snake body rubbed back and forth against Vaquel’s trapped tits.

The smooth scales felt great on Vaquel’s brown breasts. Her nipples were rubbed one way and then the other. The compression of her tits on her chest made it harder to breathe, but there was no denying the increasing heat inside her pussy.

Vaquel explored the snake-woman’s pussy with her tongue. The texture inside was ribbed. She used her nose and chin to wedge her face between the slit in the scales. As her mouth licked, she reached around with her hands and grabbed the monster’s buttocks.

“Yes!” the monster woman cried. “You’re a good friend! Take that treasure hole like you have earned it legitimately and according to the rules!”

Sharp talons pressed against Vaquel’s head. The tiny pricks of pain fired like flares that went straight to Vaquel’s crushed breasts. The sensations amplified and went down to her neglected pussy.

Vaquel moaned into the snake-woman’s pussy. Savory juices flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue to map out the contours of the monster’s sex. Every fresh discovery was greeted with a spasm in the coils around her.

“Yes, Friend!” the snake-woman cried. “You are on target!”

Vaquel repeated the lick she just performed at the center of the monster’s sex. The interior of the pussy clenched in response. She rapidly licked in that same spot as juices soaked her face.

“Victory!” the snake-woman cried.

The monster’s body tightened in a spasm around Vaquel’s body. The air was forced out of the explorer’s lungs. Her tits felt like they were in a crushed by a gravity compacter. She gasped into the gushing pussy and frantically slapped the snake-woman’s ass.

The coils released Vaquel’s body. Vaquel nearly fell except for the snake-woman’s grip on her skull. She choked for air as her feet kicked in the air. The strain of her body weight on her neck almost made her forget about breathing.

The snake-woman shifted her grip to under Vaquel’s arms. The easing of Vaquel’s neck was euphoric. The monster lifted Vaquel until their faces were level. The bright yellow eyes glittered with excitement. Her face was almost as white as her fangs. The forked tongue emerged and licked the pussy juices from Vaquel’s face.

“That was very good, Friend,” the snake-woman said. “When I defeat the next round of intruders, I will make them lick my treasure hole like you did. Then I will eat them, of course.”

“Happy to help,” Vaquel said. Her lungs burned, but not as much as the heat in her pussy.

“You may have the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell,” the snake-woman continued. “You may even use the secret exit under the pedestal so you won’t have to go through the tower again.”

“Thank you,” Vaquel said. “I think my stealth suit is pretty much crushed at this point.” She poked the crotch of her suit. Her finger sank right into her wet pussy.

The snake-woman held onto to Vaquel’s shoulders. “Yes. I have spared you and given you the Mark Nine Ultra Cell in exchange for your life. That is what friends do. So, what will you give me in exchange for the secret exit?”

Vaquel rubbed her pussy as the snake-woman held her. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Lick my treasure hole, again!” the snake-woman said.

“Sure,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman wrapped around Vaquel’s body again. The crushing coils closed around Vaquel’s sore body. The monster’s hand pressed Vaquel’s soaked face to the alien pussy once more. There was no escape until she made the creature come again.

At least Vaquel’s hand was pinned to her own pussy this time.

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