May 052021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. The ship computers have finally finished analyzing the scans I made of the Entitled I captured. The creature’s genetic structure has been heavily modified to the point that I am not sure what kind of being the species was originally. That makes sense, as a species that is just a sentient cock wouldn’t be much of a competitor on the evolutionary stage.

From what I can tell, the Entitled’s body is designed to self-generate sustenance and feel extraordinary sexual pleasure. Large parts of the nervous system are dedicated to interfacing with cybernetic implants for the purpose of guiding artificial bodies. The brain is surprisingly complex and can retain amazing amounts of information. He could probably tell me everything I need to know about their technology if I could just get him to cooperate. Unfortunately, the scans tell me that his body is designed to also block unwanted painful stimuli.

Well, that explains why the first eight days have been such a failure. I thought starving him and setting extreme temperatures for his containment aquarium would get him talking but now I see I was wasting my time. If I am going to get his cooperation, I am going to have to engage him on a level he cares about. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: If I’m being honest, I was going to get my hands on the Entitled today no matter what the scans said. It has been hard staring at a lifeform the shape of a thick cock and leaving it alone.

Vaquel Di sat down in front of the enclosure she had constructed. Glassteel walls surrounded a gravel bed. Standing erect on the gravel, was a red phallus dotted with white spots. The phallus pulsed with indignant fury.

The Entitled had a name. He was HoleBuster-442. Vaquel wondered if there was a HoleBuster-441 running around. She also wondered if it was a family name. For that matter, did Entitled even have families?

She knew that HoleBuster-442 was staring back at her. The creature didn’t have visible sensory organs but she knew he was taking in the sight of her. Today she was wearing a blue spacesuit stretched across her abundant curves. The seam of her suit was open to reveal dark brown skin and the top of her cleavage. Short pink hair topped her pretty face.

The speaker light was blinking. HoleBuster-442 was speaking. Vaquel turned off the mute button.

“-and then I will fuck each one of your ears! I will detonate my seed and fill your brains with my thick ooze!”

Vaquel shook the enclosure. The Entitled fell over onto the gravel. A long snarl emanated from the speakers.

“We’re going to try something different today, HoleBuster,” Vaquel said. “I had Chairbot power down and take a nap. I don’t want my robot interrupting us.”

“That’s HoleBuster-442!” the speakers crackled. “Are you going to try new insidious tortures? Try your best, slubie! Your pathetic attempts at torment only cause me amusement. Ha, ha! See? I am already chuckling at your ineptitude!

“Damn, you talk a lot and never about anything I want to hear,” Vaquel said. “Why don’t you tell me how the force fields on your ships work?”

“You will be forever ignorant of our weaponry, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “It sickens me to my core to think of giving a slubie like you that kind of information! If you possessed our incredible force field technology, then you would no longer be preyed upon by other Entitled! You would disrupt the natural order of your inferiority! Your kind was made to be taken and fucked!”

“Refresh my memory, does your species like tits?” Vaquel said. She pulled on both sides of her spacesuit. Blue fabric parted to reveal large brown globes of soft delight.

The red phallus pulsed in her direction. The speaker was unusually quiet.

“Or do you need a better look?” Vaquel said. She leaned against the glassteel side of the enclosure. Both of her large breasts flattened against the wall. She shifted from side to side, dragging her hard nipples across the glass.

“Squash your milk-sacks all you want!” HoleBuster-442 said. He leaned to the left and to the right in sync with her breasts. “I will tell you nothing!”

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. She leaned back from the glass. HoleBuster-442 leaned forward inside his cell. Vaquel reached for two small nipple clamps she had modified. She brought them up to the enclosure and opened their jaws. The sharp points stretched open.

“Are you going to clamp those onto me?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Ha! I am shaking with merriment! I won’t feel a thing!”

“They are not for you,” Vaquel said. “See the little bit here at the base? That is a piece of your mech body control system. I connected it to the clamping mechanism. According to my scans, you should be able to remotely control it.”

HoleBuster-442 twitched, The clamp in Vaquel’s right hand snapped shut. It opened and then clamped shut again. The clamp in her left hand did as well.

“What is the purpose of this?” HoleBuster-442 asked. There was a faint hint of excitement in his voice.

“I will put these on my nipples,” Vaquel said. “I should let you know; my nipples are very sensitive. The slightest pressure makes me wet. Because they are so sensitive, that means any sort of painful pinch is unbearable. Do you understand?”

“And I will control these clamps?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Why would you do that? I will show you no mercy!”

“I’ll do it because you will have told me how your ship’s force fields work,” Vaquel said. “My computers have a link to your neural relay. Transfer the information about force fields, and I will put the clamps on my nipples.”

There was a retching sound from the speakers. “You want me to elevate you above your undeserving status with force field technology? Just to clamp on your enormous flesh mountains? Never!”

Vaquel brought one of the clamps closer to her nipple. It was a few centimeters away. The clamp opened and closed in a fury.

“So close,” Vaquel said.

The speaker growled.

Vaquel held the other clamp to her other nipple. She moved her shoulders to swing her breasts back and forth. The clamps chomped eagerly at her moving nipples.

“You wretched hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 snarled.

“If you don’t give me the specs on your species’ force fields by the time I count to three, then I’m cutting off your control of the clamps,” Vaquel said.

“Unworthy stupid phallus sucker!” the speakers crackled.


“Worthless underachieving slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled.




“Stop! Stop!” HoleBuster-442screamed. “Here! Take it all you ignorant fluck! I doubt you will know how to even use it!”

Vaquel glanced at a monitor. The screen scrolled as it rapidly received the data from the Entitled. The amount of information was astonishing.

“Now do it!” HoleBuster-442 commanded. “Give me your flesh morsels!”

Vaquel, flush with excitement from the data transfer, pressed the clamps against her nipples.

The clamps bit down. Twin bolts of pain shot through Vaquel’s tits. The teeth grinded together. HoleBuster-442 manipulated the jaws with cruel expertise.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. She grabbed the sides of the enclosure for support. Tears sprang to her eyes. The clamps were familiar toys, but the savage biting controlled by the entitled was new.

“Yes, suffer, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Feel my power! Take what you deserve for imprisoning your betters!”

Vaquel hissed through clenched teeth. The clamps were stars of pain upon her breasts. She didn’t remember them being this tight. Was the Entitled somehow amplifying their pincer strength?

“Tremble with agony, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Your quiver of pains brings me delight! Oh, how I long to wiggle against your flesh-mountains as you suffer!”

Vaquel smiled. She sat up and winced as the clamps pulled on her plump breasts. Leaning back in her chair, she pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened around her crotch and expanded leave her sex bare. The bright pink hair of her pubic bush nearly glowed in the ship light.

HoleBuster-442 pressed against the glassteel of her enclosure to get a better look. “Don’t try to distract me with your fur-burrow! It will not save you from my wicked bite!”

To prove his point, the clamps opened and flexed mere micrometers. It was just enough movement to cause Vaquel’s nipples to ache with new pain.

Vaquel reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. Pink walls glistened with her juices. She clenched and the tunnel of her sex pulsed.

HoleBuster-442 groaned. The clamps bit down with new force.

Wincing, Vaquel let go of her pussy lips and reached for something else on her belt. She pulled out two pieces of metallic cloth and pressed them to the wall of the Entitled’s prison.

“What are these?” HoleBuster-442 asked. “I am unfamiliar with your primitive excuses for technology.”

“There are cunt prickers,” Vaquel said. Her voice ragged from the cruel clamps. “I had to use precious resources from my supplies to fabricate them. They are considered an interrogation and recreational device back home. They stick to the outside of my sex.”

“Why should I care about your filthy hole accessories?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Because there are tiny extendable needles embedded into the fabric,” Vaquel said. “Usually they are controlled by voice-command, but it was a simple matter to connect it to your cybernetics. Give it a try.”

HoleBuster-442 was unusually quiet. An instant later, a hundred needles stabbed the glassteel walls of the enclosure. The needles retracted and emerged in rapid pulses. The tapping sounds from the walls sounded like a rainstorm.

Evil laughter boomed from the speakers. “Put them on now! I demand it!”

Vaquel shook her head. “What good are force fields without weapons? I have been trying to duplicate the lasers that your ships use, but the power source and frequency is beyond my scanners’ capabilities. I need more information.”

HoleBuster-442 wiggled. The clamps on Vaquel’s breasts relaxed to a dull sting. The Entitled fell over and continued to wiggle on the sharp gravel on his cell.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Is he having a seizure? Much of the creature’s biology was still a mystery. Was there a problem with the cybernetic connection?

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed over the speakers. The entitled jumped back up to is base and slammed into the wall of the enclosure. “Fucking slubie fluck whorser!”

“Is that a yes?” Vaquel teased. She pulled the cunt-prickers off the side of the prison and leaned back in her chair. With her legs spread wide, she dangled the metallic strips over het wet sex.

“It is unthinkable!” HoleBuster-442 said. “A slubie armed with Entitled weapons? It is an abomination! It upsets the natural supremacy! I would be the most hated Entitled of all time! The ultimate fluck!”

“I don’t know what that is,” Vaquel said. “Do you want to dominate my pussy or what? You have to the count of ten.”

“RAGESHIT! Here! Take it, slubie!” the speakers snarled.

New data filled Vaquel’s computers. The monitor displayed reams of text flying by. Diagrams and blueprints flashed and disappeared.

Vaquel smiled. The fucker actually did it. The need to hurt someone outweighed his loyalty to his species. She sympathized.

“Put them on, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel did what as he commanded. She pressed both strips to either side of her labia. Nanobot adhesives pushed past her thick pubic hair and secured themselves to the skin. Thankfully, the adhesives wouldn’t strip her hair out when she removed it later.

“There,” Vaquel said. “They are in place. FUCK!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex. She gripped the arms of her chair in pain. The needles lingered and then retracted. A moment later, needles stung on her left side and lingered briefly before retracting. That is when the needles of the right side struck.

“Oh, perfect,” HoleBuster-442 moaned on the speakers. “I can see the agony etched on your face. When I escape from here, I will create more of these hole-stabbers and sell them to other Entitled. I will make a killing at a Tycoon Zone!”

The clamps on Vaquel’s nipples bit down harder. The fucker hadn’t forgotten about those. The clamps released and tightened in unpredictable patterns that happened to coordinate with the stabbing of Vaquel’s sex.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel babbled. She hadn’t been subjected to a cunt pricker since the Academy. It was too easy to forget just how insidious they could be. The hundreds of tiny needles not only pricked with stinging pain, but they also sensitized as they worked, making Vaquel more aware of every new pain she endured.

“Take it, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 babbled. “Call me you master! Do it!”

Vaquel grimaced. “You’re the one in the cage, cock-brain!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex at once. The clamps bit down with force far exceeding their construction parameters. Vaquel’s nipples and pussy transformed into burning infernos of pain.

“Ow! No, Master! Please, don’t Master! I’ll call you whatever you want”

The needles retracted, or at least most of them did. Enough remained to keep Vaquel’s pussy feeling like it was being perforated. The clamps around her nipples relaxed and but still held on tight enough to keep her pinched flesh buttons throbbing.

“Yes, slubbie, I am your Master!” HoleBuster-442 moaned.

The Entitled pressed against the walls of the enclosure. His red body writhed and undulated against the hard glassteel. The white spots on his body pulsed. Lubricant fluid oozed from the slit in his head.

Vaquel smiled. Her vision was blurry with tears but she could see how aroused the Entitled was. Now was the time for the most important question.

“I want to know how the Entitled ship sensors work,” Vaquel whispered. It was hard to speak when your pussy was being needled. “I want to know what it takes to evade them.”

The relentless stabbing and retracting of Vaquel’s sex continued. “What can you possibly offer me for that?” the speakers rumbled. “I am the Master of your misery. No further torture is necessary now that I have your hole.”

Vaquel reached for her last surprise that she had kept under her chair. Pain flashed in her sex as she moved. The terrible clamps pulled at her nipples as her weight shifted. Fresh tears flowed down her cheeks as she picked up the small ring and set it down in front of the enclosure.

“This is a harness,” Vaquel said. “I modified some of the anti-gravity thrusters from my micro-probes and connected it to your cybernetics. If you wear this, you will be able to fuck me.”

All of the needles retracted. The clamps relaxed to a muted throb. Then, all of the needles stabbed at once. The clamps bit down with doubled strength.

“Is this true? Are you lying, hole-walker?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Have I lied yet?” Vaquel said through clenched teeth.

“The hole-biter stays on if I fuck you,” HoleBuster-442 said. “And the clamps!”

Vaquel laughed. Instead of denial, he was negotiating. “Deal, but you can only fuck me until you come.”

“How dare a whorser like you tell me when I am done!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Hundreds of needles rapidly stabbed Vaquel’s labia. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. In a storm of painful pricks, she felt the lightning flash of a near-orgasm.

“Take the deal, or keep humping the wall, cock-brain,” Vaquel said.

The speaker was silent. The small ring levitated off the table. HoleBuster-442 must have established a connection. The ring flew in tight circles and then settled back down.

“I accept, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Now open this cage!”

New data filled the monitor. Vaquel could barely see the screen through her tear-filled eyes. She pressed a button on the side of the aquarium and the lid retracted.

The harness flew up and into the cage. HoleBuster-442 stood up straight and the ring slid down his length and tightened around his base. There was a groan from the speaker and then HoleBuster-442 levitated into the air.

“Told you,” Vaquel said. “Now fuck me, cock-brain!”

HoleBuster-442 shot out of the enclosure. The phallic alien flew with surprising skill. As soon as it was out of the cage, it dived down towards Vaquel’s spread open legs.

The thick head of the red alien smashed into Vaquel’s pussy. She cried out as hundreds of needles grinded against her sex. HoleBuster-442 wiggled and burrowed his way inside of her until almost his entire length was submerged.

“Feel my immense girth, slubie!” the speakers cackled. “I know this is what you have been craving! All of your demands have just been a ruse to have me fuck you again like the cock-loving fluck that you are!”

At that moment, it was hard for Vaquel to deny. The arrogant alien felt wonderful inside her. Thick veins pulsed and grinded inside her in all the right ways.

The anti-gravity harness continued to work. It pulled HoleBuster-442 halfway out of Vaquel’s tight cunt and then plunged back in. After several punishing thrusts, the harness began to rotate, spiraling the phallic alien in and out like a drill.

The rest of the connected toys continued to punish Vaquel. The nipple clamps bit and relaxed in furious pulses. The stabbing needles from the cunt-pinchers tattooed sadistic designs into the over-sensitized sides of Vaquel’s pussy. Both sets of devices tormented Vaquel while the thick alien fucked her silly.

Pain and pleasure warred within Vaquel. Every fuck of the phallus agitated the stabbing needles. Every gasp of pleasure moved her breasts and caused the clamps to tighten. She groaned with pain. She moaned with pleasure. Her body was in a tug of pain between ecstasy and agony.

Ecstasy won. Vaquel climaxed and screamed her pleasure.

“Glory to the Queen!” she screamed.

The speakers grunted in response. “You love it, you whorser! You live for the pain! My cock in your fur-borrow justifies your existence!”

Vaquel came again. “Glory to the Queen!” Her pussy clenched despite hundreds of pricking stings.

“Your sex hole is so big!” the speakers crackled. “I have had tighter but not wetter! You are a sorry excuse for a fluck but I am going to rut your pitiful small brains out anyway!”

Vaquel came again. She grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed, not caring that she was grinding the biting clamps into her breasts.

“Oh, oh, oh!” HoleBuster-442 grunted. “You’re going to make me detonate! You’re going to do it! You filthy slubie, here I blast!”

Hot seed flooded Vaquel’s stuffed pussy. The alien jerked and wiggled. Vaquel felt a surge of sticky fluid fill her sex and spill out. Where did it all come from? She swore the amount was larger than the Entitled’s total mass.

After ten seconds of coming, HoleBuster-442 was suddenly still. It pulsed once more to eject a final load of seed into her sated sex. The needles retracted from Vaquel’s exhausted labia. Both the clamps relaxed but were still tight enough to barely hang onto her tender nipples.

“Damn, you’re a good fuck despite having no legs or hands,” Vaquel whispered. She reached between her legs to pull the alien out.

HoleBuster-442 suddenly withdrew from her pussy. More seed spilled out of her sex. The clamps bit down with full force. More needles, no, ALL of the needles stabbed her vulnerable sex.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. Any afterglow was obliterated in a flash of sudden pain.

WHAM! Something thick and heavy slammed into her head. It left a sticky mess on her hair.

“Die you weak ignorant fluck!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

WHAM! The flying red phallus smashed into Vaquel’s head again, knocking her out of the chair. She spilled to the ground, landing on top of her tits and the savage clamps. Hundreds of needles grindinded into her pussy.

“Computer!” Vaquel screamed. “Override: Cockblock!”

HoleBuster-442 fell to the ground. The speakers emitted a scream of helpless despair. The cunt-pincher strips dropped from Vaquel’s skin. Both clamps let go of her nipples.

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel sat up. The wiggling red phallus was trying to crawl away from her. It was leaving a trail of pussy juice and alien seed. She grabbed it and gave it a good hard squeeze.

“RAGESHIT!” the speakers screamed again.

Vaquel kept squeezing. She knew HoleBuster-442 wasn’t feeling any pain, but it felt good to do it.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Vaquel said. “I gave you a great fuck and you immediately tried to kill me afterwards. That is downright ungrateful of you.”

“Death is too good for you, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “I was going to send out a distress call and then bargain with the first Entitled who came! My plan was to barter for a new body and then use it to fuck each and every one of your holes until you screamed in submission! When I was done with you, I was going to shave your head and wear your hair as a come-rag!”

Vaquel laughed.

“What are you laughing for, you stupid fluck?” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“You’re a mean little dick,” Vaquel said. “I think I got all of the information I need from you, but I don’t know. Maybe I should keep you for a little bit.”

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

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