Apr 232021

Today is my birthday. I turn 48, which is a mind numbing number. That looks like the age of a Call of Cthulhu RPG character that I deliberately age to get more skill points in Ancient Egyptian and Library Use. Real people don’t have that age.

Last time this year, I was in month two of the lockdown, picking up carryout from restaurants and watching horror movies on my computer. That was in-between worrying about President Orange Shitstain and obsessively following election news with the prayers that Democrats get their shit together.

This year, I will be picking up carryout from restaurants, watching Mortal Kombat and playing Pandemic Legacy Season 3 with my wife. Orange Shitstain is just a bad memory and I already have my first dose of the COVID vaccine. Things are getting better and I just got to hold out a little longer.

Getting older is weird. You pick up a lot of information and wisdom. I can make a much better burger than I could a year ago. But you also forget shit too. I get halfway through some movies before realizing I have seen them. Experience feels like a zero sum sometimes and but hopefully more sticks than gets forgotten.

One thing you do retain is how special the things you love are. That could be people, music, fiction or whatever. If you love something, enjoy and appreciate the hell out of it. Nothing is guaranteed to be here tomorrow, so enjoy that shit now.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 48 years bring.

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