Mar 222021

A man returns home to his apartment to find his wife is missing. In between flashbacks of knife play with nipples, he searches for his wife. He only searches within the apartment building but that is enough to keep him occupied. Each person he encounters has their own, although very tangential, connection to his wife. It always involves relating their own flashback of sex and mystery.

Welcome to the Strange Color of You Body’s Tears, a 2013 French film. It is a tribute to the Giallo films, although I would argue much better than the genre it emulates. Giallo films are notoriously dream like and incoherent as well as being murderfests of pretty women. This movie keeps the dreams and incoherence, but drops the highly misogynistic murders. The multiple characters bringing their own flashbacks turns the movie into an anthology series with the husband’s quest for his wife providing a frame story.

That is not to say there still isn’t some murders. There is one murder scene that is especially gruesome, but since the murderer seems to also be the victim, it feels less like shocking violence and more like a visualization of internal struggle. Maybe. Who the fucks knows in this movie because again: dream like incoherence.

The real star of this movie is the visuals. Eyes fill the screen. The apartment building is a work of art. A woman’s top is removed to reveal blinding light instead of skin. A gloved hand touches a woman’s face and it joined by another and then another until a dozen hands are caressing her. Some of the shots are breathtaking and other shots are almost laughable with their blunt imagery, but it is also interesting to watch.

People are going to hate this movie or love it. One thing I can guarantee is that they won’t forget it.

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