Mar 312021

Meanwhile, at the Justice Force headquarters.

Major Valor: Bad news, Justice Force. Professor Nasty has kidnapped the Mayor again.

Night Bane: Again?

DJ Punch: Aw, shit.

Lady Fire: I thought the Junior Justice Legion was protecting him?

Major Valor: They were but Professor Nasty spiked their breakfast with super-laxatives. She kidnapped the Mayor while the Legion was uh, incapacitated.

DJ Punch: You mean they shit themselves and now we’re the ones in the shit.

Lady Fire: What is the wicked Professor’s demanding this time?

Major Valor: She is requesting another orgy

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

DJ Punch: Fuck, yeah!

Major Valor: She also says that if we do not arrive by midnight, she will debone the Mayor.

DJ Punch: Like, with a knife or some sort of beam that removes his bones?

Night Bane: It doesn’t matter how. She is brilliant and evil enough to make good on her word. She is honorable in her own way. She will release the Mayor if we give her what she wants.

Lady Fire: Sadly, this true. I agree with Night Bane. We must give in her to demands.

Major Valor: Agreed.

DJ Punch: I told her last time that if she needed some dick, she didn’t have to go kidnapping people. I’m willing to tap that smart ass for free!

Night Bane:

Lady Fire:

Major Valor: Anyway, the Professor requires us to meet her at the old sex toy factory near the docks.

Lady Fire: Has she told us how to perform? I want time to prepare for the depravities she requires.

Major Valor: She sent me a very detailed e-mail on the subject with several images she commissioned from internet artists. Night Bane, you will be on kissing duty. She requests you use two breath mints this time.

Night Bane: Noted.

Major Valor: Lady Fire, Professor Nasty requires you to stand behind her and grope her breasts from behind. You will also kiss her neck but no biting this time. She wants you to wear your black leather gloves.

Lady Fire: Understood.

DJ Punch: What about me? Does she want to ride my cock again?

Major Valor: That is a negative. She said that you enjoyed it too much. This time she wants you blindfolded and handcuffed to dildo presser. Also, she wants your underwear stuffed in your mouth so you can’t speak.

DJ Punch: Son of a bitch!

Night Bane: Well, at least there will be less talking this time. What is your job, Major?

Major Valor: I will be required to service her vagina with my mouth and then my penis. It will be a vile deed but I am willing to do it for the sake of the Mayor, and for Justice!

Night Bane: For Justice!

Lady Fire: For Justice!

DJ Punch: Maybe I’ll get to fuck her next time.

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