Mar 242021

The Cat meowed at my window. It was a desperate sound, full of hunger and need. She cried a second time and this time the meow stretched out for a full ten seconds.

It sounded like she was at the kitchen window, although now that spring was here, I had all of the windows open. Still, I doubted that she would be so bold as to come any of the windows at the front of the house. I set my away message on my work laptop and went to the kitchen to investigate.

There she was, right against the sliding glass door I had cracked open. I recognized the white cat mask that she always wore. She stretched her arms up and arched her back. This pressed her small breasts into the mesh of the screen door. Both nipples were hard and almost brown. She wiggled her hips as if to draw attention to the white fur that now covered her pussy. That was new. She normally came to me bare.

I took in the sight of her. Previously, she only came at night when the neighborhood was asleep and everything was quiet. This was the first time I had been able to look at her body in full day light. I liked what I saw.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” I said. “What has it been? Since last March? Before this stupid pandemic, right?”

The Cat ignored my questions, like she always does. Brown eyes stared at me from behind her cat mask. A pink tongue licked her lips as her eyes darted to the rising bulge in my sweatpants.

“Seriously though, have you been okay?” I asked. “I was worried about you and well, it is not like I have your number or have a way to contact you.”

The Cat licked a spot on her arm, clearly bored with my questions.

“Fair enough,” I said. She never talked before, so why start now? I went to the door and reached for the handle.

The Cat smiled. She stepped back from screen door and turned around. A long white tail swung from her ass.

Oh wow. Normally she wears a belt for her tail but not this time. The tail hung from a plug in her ass. There had been some changes since last I saw her.

The Cat walked over to the rail on my porch. She bent over the rail and spread her legs. Looking over her shoulder, she meowed at me again.

I paused. This was new as well. Normally the Cat liked to crawl in the grass. Sometimes up against an outside wall, but always in the darkest spot possible. She had never been this bold before.

Before I stepped out of my kitchen, I grabbed a face mask. She wasn’t wearing one but there was point asking about vaccinations. It was better safe then sorry.

“Are you sure?” I asked. Across from my porch was a short plank fence that did nothing to block the view of the next yard over. My neighbor to the left had a separate garage that provided privacy but my neighbors to the left had a deck with a clear view of my porch. It was the opposite of private.

The Cat hissed. Her back arched. She was tired of questions. Delay any longer and she would leave. She had left before when I was too hesitant.

“Fuck,” I swore. I stepped behind the Car and pulled my sweatpants down to my ankles. My cock popped free and brushed her tail. She moaned when I held her tail up to guide my dick to her wet pussy.

I went inside her. She was as perfect as I remembered. Holding the tail up, I fucked her from behind. The large plug pulled at her asshole in delightful ways.

The Cat shuddered. Her pussy clenched tight. She clamped a hand over her mouth but I could still hear her cry out with every thrust.

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