Feb 032021

Explorer’s Log: This is my fourth day at the star system designated “The Exhausted Whimpers of the Queen’s Enemies,” by Royal Astronomers. After mining raw materials from the atmosphere-less fifth planet, I have been able to fabricate metals and components to repair most of the damaged inflicted on the probe ship by the Entitled I encountered weeks ago. Weapons and parts of the solar sails are still offline, but I will need to obtain rarer elements in order to continue those repairs.

The third planet in this system looks promising. Ruined cityscapes cover the planet. I detect the remnants of higher technologies mixed in with the rubble and blast craters. Some kind of massive war happened here but I detect no sighs of any active weapons of mass destruction.

What I do detect is groups of life signs engaged with battles with each other. Their weapons are small scale and personal. Initial observations cannot discern any sort of communications or greater organization. I suspect these are small bands of survivors fighting over the scraps of this world.

What is really curious is that a tiny fraction of the life signs read as the small phallic aliens known as the Entitled. The rest of the life signs are humanoid. Are these humanoids slaves or enemies? I shall see what I can discover when I go scavenging. End Explorer’s Log.

Vaquel Di opened her eyes. The open sky loomed above her, framed by three ruined walls. Her nipples ached. Pain flared along her back. The crotch of her spacesuit was soaked like she had just been fucked.

What happened? Where was she?

She turned her head. Grit pressed against her brown cheek. She saw the top of a set of stone stairs. Turning her head in the other direction, she saw a busted window and the ruined cityscape beyond.

Memories slowly crept forward. Vaquel was on this planet to look for materials to scavenge. The sound of battle had echoed all day. Her scanner indicated some sort of power cells on the third floor of this ruin. She had climbed the stairs and looked out the window. There had been a pink flash of light.

That was it. Vaquel couldn’t remember anything else. She tried to sit up but her pussy was too tender to move.

“I found her!” a voice yelled in Palatino.

“Move to secure!” a second voice commanded.

Vaquel battled her soreness to rise to her feet. A busty female humanoid was at the top of the stairs. She was naked except for a tactical harness that exposed her dark black breasts. A sparkling blue collar was around her neck. Frizzy black hair formed a halo around the woman’s head. She was barely a meter tall. Each hand held a short sword.

The woman dropped her swords and rushed towards Vaquel. Vaquel tried to fight her but her body was moving so slow. The woman pushed Vaquel onto her back and easily rolled her over. Vaquel was helpless as the woman slapped some sort of restraint around Vaquel’s wrists.

“Target secured, Biper!” the woman said.

“Sit her up, Posa, so we can get a look at her,” Biper replied.

Vaquel was rolled back onto her back. The dark woman grabbed Vaquel by her short pink hair but couldn’t get a grip. She grabbed Vaquel’s shoulders instead and pulled her to a sitting position.

Another short humanoid stood before Vaquel. She was a bluish color with long green hair pulled into a ponytail. Like her companion, the woman wore little in the way of clothing except for a pair of green open-crotch pants. A matching blue collar was around her neck. The rifle she carried was almost as tall as she was.

“Damn, her capacity for pleasure must be high if she is already awake,” Biper said. She pressed a button and the rifle’s barrel retracted by half. Now that it was smaller, she slung the weapon over her back.

A third humanoid came up the steps. She was yellow in color and had much smaller tits than the other two. Metal clamps pinched her nipples. A thick blue dildo jutted from her bare pussy. The way she walked indicated that she had something inserted into her ass. Her head was completely bald. A holster strapped around his hip carried a small pistol.

“Which Entitled does she belong to?” the bald woman said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper said. “Though it is a good question. I have never seen a soldier with this many clothes before.”

Posa touched Vaquel’s neck. “I don’t feel a collar.”

“Could she belong to a Raider?” Rianca asked.

“Raiders don’t have harems, slubie,” Biper said. “That is what makes them raiders. They are too lazy to manage and dominate slaves so they steal from others. No, she might be an unclaimed clone.”

“I’m no clone,” Vaquel said. “I am a member of the Royal Navy serving Queen Erishella.”

“What is a Queen?” Posa asked.

“It is a woman who rules over everyone,” Vaquel said.

Biper laughed. “That is ridiculous. Only Entitled can rule people. She must be a defective clone. It would explain how big she is. Open her suit up.”

Posa pulled a small knife from her tactical rig. She pressed the knife point to the neck of Vaquel’s grey spacesuit. The sharp metal sliced through the flimsy material. Posa cut a seam between Vaquel’s large breasts and down to her metal belt.

Vaquel’s heavy tits popped free of the torn spacesuit. All three of the soldiers gasped. Rianca came closer and poked Vaquel’s dark breast with her finger.

“They’re bigger than my head!” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Rosa said. She tried to cup one of Vaquel’s tits with her hand. The small palm barely covered an aureole.

Vaquel groaned. Her breasts were sensitive to the touch. What exactly had they shot her with?

“Let’s get a look at her ass,” Biper said. “If it is as big as her fun sacks, then Master ReamCreamer-0990 is going to give us a huge reward. Maybe even promotions.”

Posa pushed Vaquel back down onto the ground and then her rolled over. Vaquel felt her strength returning and tried to fight back. It was futile with her hands bound. Rianca braced her knee on Vaquel’s back while Posa applied to the knife to Vaquel’s buttocks.

Vaquel froze as she felt the knife point press against the small of her back. The knife pierced her space suit with ease. She laid perfectly still as Posa cut a circular hole around her buttocks. Posa tore the material away and then laid a dark hand on her brown ass.

“It is just the way he likes it,” Posa said. Her hand squeezed. “ReamCreamer-0990 is going to fuck this loot box for week solid.”

“Good,” Biper said. “He has been in a shit mood ever since GagLord-4444 captured three of us yesterday.”

“I miss Nayley too,” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper and Posa said together.

“Should I call ReamCreamer-0990 and report this in, or do you want to?” Posa asked.

“Not yet,” Biper said. “It is another hour before we need to check in. I say we take a turn with this mutant clone before we turn her in collaring and training. I want to see if that big mouth of hers knows how to munch my depot.”

“But ReamCreamer-0990 cut our orgasm rations after our defeat!” Rianca interjected. “it is against orders to feel pleasure for another fifty hours.”

“Get smart, slubie,” Biper said. “I have been in five different harems since I stepped out of the clone banks. One thing I have learned is that Masters only care about fucking and taking shit away from other Masters. Part of being a harem soldier is learning when to look out for yourself. We’re all going to take a turn with this mutant’s face and maybe play with her loot box. Got it?”

Vaquel groaned. They planned to abuse her? The thought sent a fresh gush of heat to her wet pussy.

“I don’t know,” Rianca replied.

“Shut up, Rianca!” Vaquel snapped.

“You heard the mutant,” Biper said. “Posa, roll this slubie over. As long as we leave her ass alone, ReamCreamer-0990 will be happy.”

Vaquel was pulled back over onto her back. This time, Vaquel didn’t resist and in fact, she helped. Grit from the floor poked her bare ass. As Biper approached Vaquel’s legs, the space explorer spread her legs in submission.

“See? She spreads her legs like a soldier,” Biper said. She got down on her knees between Vaquel’s legs. Producing her own knife from her pants, she cut a hole around Vaquel’s crotch. She tore the grey spacesuit material away to reveal the thick pink bush of Vaquel’s pubic hair.

“Wow, she is soaking wet!” Riance said.

“Open your mouth, Rianca,” Biper said. She pushed three small fingers into Vaquel’s exposed sex. The fingers sunk into Vaquel’s wet heat and then withdrew. The blue fingers were covered in glistening juices.

Rianca opened her mouth. Biper put her wet fingers into Rianca’s mouth and Riance closed her lips around them. The subordinate soldier moaned her delight.

Biper grabbed one of the clamps around Rianca’s yellow nipples. As Rianca sucked Vaquel’s juices, Biper twisted the clamp. Rianca rose to her toes and her face contorted in pain, but the obedient soldier kept sucking.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She hadn’t seen such dominance and abuse of rank since her days at the Navy Academy. It made her pussy ache worse than it already was.

Biper pulled her fingers out of Rianca’s mouth and let go of her nipple clamp. She slapped the yellow woman on the ass and pointed at Vaquel’s chest. “Play with her ammo dumps, slubie!”

Rianca dropped to her naked knees beside Vaquel. She grabbed Vaquel’s nipples in each hand and pulled. The tony hands were like clamps of their own as they pulled on the hard nipples.

“Permission to assault her face first?” Posa asked.

“Granted,” Biper said. She jammed her fingers back into Vaquel’s slick sex.

Posa braced her dark feet to either side of Vaquel’s head. Juices dripped from the smooth pussy lips. The soldier squatted down and lowered her sex directly to Vaquel’s mouth. The shortness of her legs meant her crotch was fully settled onto Vaquel’s trapped head.

Vaquel opened her lips. The fruity taste of the woman’s sex surprised her. The small sex didn’t give Vaquel’s tongue much room to work with but she made up for it with enthusiasm. She rapidly licked the alien soldier pussy with mouth-watering need.

Biper curled her fingers inside Vaquel’s sex. The tiny hand formed a fist within her. She pushed in and out of Vaquel’s larger pussy with increasing speed. The slickness of Vaquel’s sex with ease.

“She might be too big for ReamCreamer-0990,” Biper said. “It is a good thing he only fucks asses. If he fucked this giant loot box he might feel inadequate.”

“Maybe he could wear some sort of a sleeve to make him bigger,” Rianca said.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Biper snapped. “And keep working those turrets.”

Rianca pulled harder on Vaquel’s nipples. Vaquel whimpered into Posa’s sex. As Rianca leaned in close and bit the side of Vaquel’s breasts. Sharp teeth clamped down on Vaquel’s sensitive brown globes.

“Whoa!” Biper said. “She clenched so hard that she nearly broke my hand.” It didn’t stop her from continuing to fist Vaquel’s gushing sex.

“Oh, waste buckets!” Posa cried. Her dark thighs quivered as held her squatting pose. Vaquel’s mouth was sealed onto her pussy lips. She had to reach down and brace herself on Rianca’s shoulders to keep her position.

“The mutant is going to make me boom!” Posa cried.

Vaquel barely heard her. She was focused on the fruity juices flowing from the alien’s sex. Her tongue found three different nubs of flesh that might have bene clitorises. Vaquel licked and sucked on each one in a rapid rotation.

“Boom!” Posa cried. She spasmed uncontrollably. The halo of her frizzy black hair shook wildly.

“I want some of that,” Biper said. “Get up, Posa. Rianca, eat this mutant’s loot box.”

“Right away!” Rianca said.

Three bodies shifted around Vaquel. The weight of Posa’s body left her face. Hands and teeth released her tits. A small fist left her sex. Vaquel stayed where she was; her face soaking wet but not as wet as her hungry cunt.

Biper mounted Vaquel’s face facing away from Vaquel’s body. The rough fabric of the soldier’s green pants pressed against Vaquel’s cheeks. The blue pussy lips were dripping wet in the open crotch of the pants. Biper grabbed Vaquel’s head as she grinded her sex into Vaquel’s face.

Vaquel tried to lick but Biper was moving too fast. The alien soldier was fucking her face. Vaquel’s nose, lips and chin were ground into the slick pussy.

A small mouth pressed against Vaquel’s pussy. She felt Rianca settle in between her thighs. An eager tongue licked Vaquel’s outer sex lips with only teasing flicks going any deeper. Hot breath tickled Vaquel’s pubic hairs. Firm hands pressed down on Vaquel’s thighs even though she had no intention of ever closing them.

Where was Posa? Vaquel got her answer when a hand slapped the side of her breasts. The small but powerful hand struck like a paddle. Before Vaquel could process the pain, a backhanded slap struck her other breast.

Vaquel was in a state of euphoric delirium. Her body was already super-sensitized from whatever the fuck they had shot her with. The act of being stripped and judged had triggered all of her masochistic tendencies. Having her face used while her sex was being stimulated was sending her to another level of pleasure. The hard slapping of her breasts was just the final push she needed to go over the edge and into a hard orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed into Biper’s grinding crotch. Her back arched and her bound hands pushed into the ruined floor. Spams ran down her spread-open thighs.

The soldiers took no heed of her climax. Rianca kept licking Vaquel’s pussy. Posa kept punishing her tits. Biper mercilessly rubbed her sex into Vaquel’s face.

“I can’t wait until ReamCreamer-0990 is done fucking this slubie’s ass,” Biper grunted between thrusts. “I am going to fuck her face every shift!”

“I’m going to use all of my clamps on these ammo dumps,” Posa said after a hard slap.

Rianca said something into Vaquel’s pussy but no could understand her and no asked her to repeat herself.

Vaquel wondered if this would be her fate. Would she become an ass slave to some alien cock? Was she destined to die while fighting meaningless wars between armed harems? Was she to spend the rest of her days eating pussy and getting her breasts slapped and clamped?

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted as she climaxed again.

“Boom!” Biper yelled. The grinding of her crotch onto Vaquel’s face came to a sudden stop. Her pants clenched tightly around Vaquel’s head. Tremors ran through her body.

Posa gave Vaquel’s heavy tits one more slap. Stinging pain shot through her massive globe. As Biper’s body shuddered on Vaquel’s face, Vaquel trembled and rode out the pain in her tit.

As for Rianca, the submissive soldier kept licking Vaquel’s soaked sex.

“PING!” A high-pitched note rang from three collars. Biper dismounted from Vaquel’s face in an instant and stood at attention. Posa and Rianca did as well. They grabbed their breasts and held them up as if for inspection.

Vaquel looked up at them in a post-orgasmic haze. What was going on?

Holograms projected from the soldiers’ collars. The holograms merged to form a floating white sphere covered in weapons. Jutting from the center of the sphere was a thick yellow phallus covered in black stripes. The phallus throbbed with malignant urgency.

“All fighting soldiers report back to base!” ReamCreamer-0990 shouted. “Enemies are inside my base, killing my slaves!”

“Yes, Master!” all three soldiers shouted. The hologram vanished and the women let go of their breasts.

“Rianca, grab the mutant’s legs and I’ll get her arms,” Posa said. “She’s heavy but the two of us might be able to carry her.”

“Forgot that,” Biper said, unslinging her rifle. “If we try to carry her back, we’ll be easy pickings for whomever is invading the base. I have no wish to join a new harem today. Posa, you come with me and we’ll help defend the base. Rianca, you keep your useless ass here and guard the captive. We’ll come back for her when it is safe. Don’t fuck this up, Rianca!”

“Right away!” Rianca said. “I won’t let you down.”

“You better not,” Posa said, picking up her swords. “Or we will double the clamps on your ammo dumps and triple the size of the punishment rods in your loot boxes.”

Rianca shivered with fear.

Biper and Posa went down the stairs. Rianca walked over to one of the busted windows and looked out. She idly touched the dildo in her pussy and played with it while keeping watching.

Vaquel rolled over onto her side. She lifted one leg up into the air. Juices dripped from the wet bush of her pussy.

“Hey, Rianca,” Vaquel said.

“What?” Rianca said from her post.

“Do you want to keeping eating my pussy?” Vaquel said.

Rianca turned towards Vaquel and licked her lips. “I’ll get plenty of chances once we get back to base. Then you will be the newest soldier and I will be your senior officer.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Vaquel said. “I’ve seen how little respect the others have for you. I’m bigger than you and more exotic. They will promote me over you almost right away. Then I will sit on your face and slap your tiny ammo dumps.”

Rianca frowned. “We’ll see about that!” She stormed over to Vaquel and kicked Vaquel in the breasts. Vaquel grunted and rolled over onto her back. Rianca dropped down between Vaquel’s thighs and angrily pushed her face into Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel clamped her thighs around Rianca’s bald head. The soldier’s eyes bulged as Vaquel’s brown legs cinched tight. She clawed and scratched at Vaquel’s thighs but they wouldn’t budge. Desperate, she reached for the pistol on her hip.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel said. “Touch that weapon and I will squish your head flat. Don’t doubt that I will do it.”

Rianca whimpered into Vaquel’s pussy.

“Now release these cuffs,” Vaquel commanded.

Rianca nodded submissively and reached for Vaquel’s hands. Vaquel lifted her hips and formed a bridge so the shorter alien could reach her hands. Rianca’s fingers found the control dial and turned it. The cuffs popped free.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed, pulling her hands out from under her. With her thighs still clamped around the soldier’s head, she rubbed her wrists. Circulation slowly flowed back into her hands.

Rianca mumbled something into Vaquel’s pussy. She might have been begging for mercy.

“Shut up, Rianca,” Vaquel said. She delivered one swift punch for Rianca’s trapped face. The soldier’s body went limp.

Vaquel opened her legs and rolled the unconscious soldier away from her. Adrenaline raced through her body. This planet was more dangerous than she expected! She needed to forgot about scavenging and just return to the ship as fast as possible.

“Well, maybe I can scavenge one thing,” Vaquel said. She bent down towards Rianca’s prone body. She took hold of the blue dildo lodged in the soldier’s pussy and pulled. Out came a small, but impressively thick plastic cock. Alien juices dripped from the toy.

“When I fuck myself with this tonight,” Vaquel said out loud, “I will be thinking of how Biper and Posa will punish you for fucking this up.”

Rianca’s unconscious body didn’t answer.

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