Feb 242021

It started in October. I had come home from work and noticed something on the doorknob to my front door. It was a pair of panties in bright Halloween orange colors. Little black bats were sewn into the fabric. There was a strong musky odor to them. Thinking it was a weird holiday prank, I tossed them away.

Another pair appeared on the same door knob in December. These were dark red with white faux-fur trim. They had the same musky odor. This time I noticed a curly pubic hair on the crotch. It was a dark black color. I threw this pair away as well.

In January there was a fresh pair of panties on the door knob. They were teal with black lace. The odor was stronger this time. No pubic hair but the stain on the crotch was larger.

I admit, I took this pair inside and jerked off with it. The shiny teal fabric looked slick and inviting. I wrapped it around my cock and imagined what kind of cunt the panties had previously pressed against. It might have been my imagination but the panties felt warm around my dick. I came hard and soaked the panties with my cream. After that, I felt a little embarrassed and tossed it in the garbage.

The next day, I came down from my bedroom and made breakfast in the kitchen. When it was ready, I brought my eggs and toast into the living room to sit down in front of the television. On the couch where I usually sit, was a pair of green panties.

I nearly dropped my food. My heart pounded with fear. I checked the house from top to bottom. The doors and windows were locked. Nothing had been stolen. There was no sign of how my intruder came in.

The crotch of the panties was damp. The musky odor was much stronger. I put them in a ziplock bag so that the police could examine them, although I never did call the police. They would never believe my story.

I ate, showered and went to work. When I returned home, there were no new panties. I ate, showered with the door open and watched television. Before I went to bed, I put chairs against all the doors leading outside.

The next morning, I found a pair of panties halfway down the stairs to the first floor. These were black with red lips over the crotch. There was a wet spot that almost dripped.

I admit, I took a lick. It was delicious.

Not sure what else to do, I put the pair in another ziplock bag. It sat with the other bag on my living room desk. I checked the house and all the doors and windows were still locked. It didn’t make any sense.

I stayed home that day. At noon I took a sleeping pill and took a long nap. When I awoke at 10, I sealed the doors and windows with duct tape. I stayed up all night, walking a patrol that took me through every room of the house every twenty minutes.

At 3:06 in the morning, I found a pair of panties on the knob to my bedroom door. They were light blue and dripping wet. A puddle was forming on the carpet. When I touched the panties, they were warm to the touch.

I ran through the house. The locks were still locked. The duct tape was still in place. It was impossible for someone to come in and yet they had.

That was this morning. I called in sick to work again. The path is clear. The panties have gone from my door, to my living room, up the stairs and to my bedroom door. Tonight, they will come into my room. I will be waiting.

Will it be another gift of panties?

Or will it be the person with the dripping cunt who leaves the panties?

Tonight, I find out.

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