Jan 182021
Faithful immortal servants of darkness are so hard to find.

Stefan and Valerie are newlyweds on their way to enjoy their honeymoon. Valerie wants to meet Stefan’s mother. Stefan makes excuses and is very reluctant. Their train breaks down and they are forced to stay at an empty hotel in a tourist town during the off-season. Marital tensions rise.

But look, another guest arrives! It is Countess Bathory and her sexy secretary! The Countess is so charming and glamorous and takes a shine to the the young couple. Oh joy!

Stefan is suspicious. He is the first character in a vampire movie to actually know enough history to get nervous around someone named Bathory. Besides, he has heard there are young women dying in the town and he is getting visibly aroused by the news. This frightens Valerie but she doesn’t know what to do.

Quite frankly, Stefan is such a lying psycho that I had even money on whether he or the Countess would kill Valerie first.

Daughters of Darkness is an erotic vampire movie with perhaps the best clothing ever. Instead of tight corsets and puffy Hammer-film shirts, the Countess dresses like she is attending Fashion Week in New York. Her secretary is delightfully androgynous and wonderfully submissive, except for a few pleadings to be released from the Hell of her life. If you were a vampire, or kinky, you couldn’t pick a better movie to base your looks on.

That being said, the movie takes its time. There is a lot of sexual tension. There is a lot of the Countess insinuating herself into the newlyweds’ lives. Quite frankly, it reminded me a lot of my poly days when I would see people try their best to seduce couples into their lifestyles. It has that same awkward sexual energy and I found it very entertaining.

I don’t know if I would call it a good movie, but is a damn pretty looking movie and the tension between the couples was completely believable.

You can watch it for free on Tubi.

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