Jan 292021
15+ Monster Girls, 1 Tower.

Monster Girl Tower by Jay Aury is a series I touched upon back in March of last year but now that I have finished the series I wanted to give it it’s own review. In this series, you play a young prince who’s arranged marriage wife has been kidnapped by an evil witch. The witch’s tower is filled with monster women who must be defeated in order to save your bride. Each of these monsters are being compelled by witchcraft to serve the witch, but you got a handy magic sword that can break that curse with a single stab.

It is a straight forward idea that works especially well. You encounter monster chicks and try to figure out a way to defeat them. Lose, and you get treated to an ending where you are usually the sex slave of the monster who beat you. Win, and you you have the option of continuing the adventure or enjoying an ending where the monster girl is your sex slave as you pursue an alternate future. It lets you enjoy both sides of the collar for each encounter.

Partway through, you are gifted with magic potions that open your options even more. One potion turns you temporarily into a woman, while the other potion turns you temporarily into a monster appropriate for the situation. These expand the kind of scenarios even further with some gender bending and monstrous fantasies.

A key portion to this series is the humor. The hero is aided by a mysterious crone who heckles the hero without mercy. The monster girls also get in their digs as well. For a guy who bangs his way through a tower full of monsters, there is a lot of jokes to break up the sex.

This is a fun series and at five parts, it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. You can buy it on Amazon.

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