Jan 132021

“And what does the bruises on my breasts tell you, Mr. Holmes?”

“You have been recently groped by a left-handed man. His thumb is uneven, perhaps from an accident involving factory machinery. The bruises around your nipple are from his teeth, which suggests he was not as close to his mother as he desired. This redness here indicates that you took his member between your breasts long enough for chafing.”

“Is that a hint of jealousy I hear, Mr. Holmes? Would you like me to take your cock between my breasts?”

“That is unnecessary, Mrs. Adler. Your hand is quite stimulating enough.”

“Tell me Mr. Holmes, does the way I stroke your member give you any clues?”

“Of course. Your slow but steady pace is suggestive of training in a French brothel. There is a looseness to your grip that comes from fatigue. I suspect your hand is tired from a sexual earlier encounter, perhaps one related to the missing sapphire necklace stolen last night and reported in this morning’s paper.

“Mr. Holmes! Whatever makes you think I was connected to that shocking crime?”

“A few things, which would be obvious to anyone if they observed their surroundings. There is a small crease in your hair that could be the result of wearing a hooded mask. When I sucked on your fingers, I detected the faint taste of a reside left by certain acids commonly used in safe-breakings. On your inner thigh is a small burn consistent with wrapping a rope around your leg while descending a great height. Finally, the guard on duty reported that he saw nothing, which I find unlikely. I suspect he saw something and his desire to hide it comes from being persuaded in a sexual manner. Since you only copulate with the rich or brilliant, you satisfied his base urges with a combination of oral and manual manipulation culminating in his release between your breasts.”

“Will you report me, Mr. Holmes?”

“No. I have not been consulted and besides, this is mere speculation.”

“Your intelligence has once again soaked my flower. I am going to mount your stiff sinew and bring us both the sting of pleasure, but I have one final question.”


“Does Mr. Watson have to watch? It has been a bit unsettling having him sit here the entire time, though I do appreciate that he has stayed quiet.”

“Mr. Watson stays.”

“As you wish, Mr. Holmes.”

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