Jan 272021

Fucktoy hung in the air. Rope bounded almost every part of her body. She was locked into a standing position with her head encased in a rubber hood and her feet free to dangle. Cruel rope pinned her hands behind her back and a network of string spread her fingers apart. A thick ball gag in her mouth immobilized her jaw. There was nowhere to go.

Below her, Master reclined on his bed. The hood prevented her from seeing him. The plugs in her ears blocked her from hearing him. The only clue that he was there was the touch of his cock against her feet.

Fucktoy gripped the beloved dick with her feet. It was slippery with lubricant. Like a good Fucktoy, she tied to stroke him. The rope prevented her from bending her legs so she was forced to rely on her ankles to do all the work.

It was slow going. Sometimes Master’s cock slipped out from between her feet. She wasted precious seconds grasping it again. Fucktoy whimpered at how poorly she was doing. Master deserved better.

A knotted rope pressed against the lips of her sex. It was a gift from Master. The knots ground against her with every pull and tug of her body. Juices flowed and hopefully dripped onto Master’s body. The knots rubbed in just the right places, but not enough to bring her to climax.

But maybe, if she twisted just so, and flexed her hips like this or maybe pull with her thumbs, then Fucktoy could get the friction she needed to bring her greedy cunt to explode with orgasmic fury.

Fucktoy growled into her ball gag and pushed those thoughts away. No, that is not what she is here for today. She turned her attention back to her feet and the slick cock pulsing with need. The urgency ache of her pussy refused to go away but Fucktoy ignored it. She flexed her ankles and brought the inside curves of her feet tighter together. Up and down her feet moved with awkward grace.

She promised herself that she wouldn’t stop until she felt the hot splash of her Master’s seed on her obedient feet.

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