Jan 012021

Well, that was a hell of a year. Between the pandemic, the lockdowns and politics, I am spent most of the year oscillating between anxiety and despair. All of the normal routines I had for exercise, writing and dealing with depression flew out the window. It has been one hell of a fight.

But I have managed a few achievements. I put out two interactive erotica books this year and they both sold well. I put out one stand-alone, Mutant Marauders, and while it did not sell big numbers, it was nice to get it done and out into the world.

I also put out an erotic journal game, Your Demon Lover. It sold three copies. Ouch. It has been a while since I had something flop that badly, but it is more amusing than disheartening. I enjoy journal games and I am proud of what I did and how I did it. Still, it put a kibosh on the other game ideas I had.

Somehow, in the worse year ever, I managed to get out 11 Vaquel Di stories. They weren’t always on time, but I got them out. In addition, I put out two collections of her adventures on Amazon. In a weird way, this might be Vaquel’s best year.

Another plus is that I think I finally cracked my personal code on how to do “sketches” in written form. I have always been jealous of artists being able to evoke strong sexual feelings with a static image like a sketch and I wanted to be able to replicate that for my own work. Fiction Bites has been my attempt at that kind of work and I think I have been mostly successful with it. These tiny bits of erotica help me feel productive and I hope have created some nice sexual imagery for my readers.

So what about next year? Vaquel Di continues of course. I need to decide what my next interactive erotica book will be about. Sales don’t really support non-interative erotica books but I would like to do at least two this year to stay in practice.

Most of all, I think I just want to be happier in 2021. Let’s see how we can make that happen.

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  1. I’m humbled by how much you were able to this year. I pretty much shut down for most of the year, dealing with the derecho and pandemic in a red state has been pretty brutal for me.

    I’m glad you are getting success. I didn’t realize the interactive erotica was becoming your best seller, I’ve only put a few toe holds in that area myself but nothing good enough to sell.

    Best of luck with 2021, I’ll be watching even if I don’t comment (though I try).

    • Thank you for your lovely words. I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to deal with 2020 in a red state. I’m hoping 2021 becomes your year.

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