Dec 142020

Mrs. Grenier kept her mask on as I fucked her pussy. She didn’t mind breaking her marriage vows with the young man next door, but she wasn’t willing to risk catching the coronavirus from me. I explained that I always wore a mask when I went out, but she thought I should be double-masking. The mask prevented me from seeing her face as we fucked, but at least I could hear her moans.

She also kept her sports bra on, although she didn’t mind my hand cupping her plump tit from the outside. Her husband thought she was jogging and he expected a sweaty bra when she got back. At least, that is what Mrs. Grenier tells me. I suspect she is just being modest.

Mrs. Grenier’s shorts were on the floor but her panties were still around her ankles. They kept her feet together as I pointed her legs to the ceiling. The soaked panties were stretched taut in front of me. They vibrated as I pounded her cunt.

The fitness monitor on her wrist beeped. Mrs. Grenier always kept that on. She wanted to get credit for raising her heart beat during our fuck dates.

Mrs. Grenier moaned. She reached between her thighs and rubbed her pussy while I fucked it.

I picked up the pace. Juices fell from her shaking panties. My hand crushed a soft tit inside her sports bra.

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