Dec 282020

Chelsea stroked my dick. She has the softest hands. Slow and smooth, she ran her hand up and down my length. I thought we were going to need lube, but my cock was already pulsing in her grip.

Maria fondled my balls. Despite her long fingernails, I never felt a single prick. She palmed my sack and gently squeezed and pulled.

I held both ladies around the waist. My fingers dug into Chelsea’s sweatpants and Maria’s jeans. It was tempting to sniff their hair, but that might be a little creepy. Besides, the mask wouldn’t let me smell anything anyway.

It was game night. My neighbors were fond of boardgames but not the games I grew up on. They played big expensive games with complicated rules and deep strategies. Some of their games take all day to play. Before the pandemic, they would play a few games on the weekend with their friends. Now stuck in their apartment, they just play against each other every day.

They don’t play with me. The four of them have been really good at social distancing and having me over for a five-hour game would be pushing it. Still, they have gotten bored with playing games without stakes. They invite me, (and my double layered mask) to come over and help them settle rewards and penalties. It rarely takes more than ten minutes.

By my understanding, Chelsea and Maria won today’s game.

“I can feel the come in your nuts,” Maria said. “He’s got a big load for you, Rina.”

“Yeah,” Chelsea said. “We’re going to glaze your entire face.”

Rina pouted. She knelt in front of me with her hands behind her back. Lovely lips were tightly clenched together. Today she had her silky black hair held back in a strict ponytail. A modest pink bra covered her small tits.

It was clear that Rina had lost today’s game.

“How’s Jasmine doing?” Chelsea asked me. “Is she licking your asshole? It is hard to tell from here.”

“Yes,” I groaned. Jasmine’s face was wedged between my buttocks. Her nimble tongue licked my anus without fear or hesitation. Her heavy breasts pressed into the back of my thighs. She didn’t have her shirt on either. I thought she had lost the game as well, but the enthusiasm with which she attacked my asshole made me think oltherwise.

“I didn’t catch that,” Chelsea said to me. She added a little twist to her wrist that made my knees tremble.

“Yes!” I said more forcibly. I keep forgetting how much my mask muffles my voice.

“Good,” Chelsea said. “What do you say you pop your load already? My hand is getting tired.”

I nodded and squeezed Maria and Chelsea closer to me. It felt good to have a woman in each arm. Sure, touching my dick and balls was nice, but I think I enjoyed the physical touch of their bodies more. It is a shame they were both wearing clothes.

Other game nights flashed through my mind. I remember spanking Maria’s naked bottom as Rina held her arms. Memories of fondling Jasmine’s heavy brown breasts made my mouth water. The sound of Chelsea gagging on my cock as Maria held her head down on my crotch echoed through my mind.

Chelsea quickened her pace. The grip loosened ever so slightly. There was an urgency to her stroking that became contagious.

Rina stared at my cock. A little bit of pre-come glistened. She closed her eyes and leaned forward.

Maria let go of my balls and reached under my shirt. Nails gently grazed my chest. She gently pinched my hard nipple.

Jasmine moaned. Hot breath caressed my cheeks. The tip of her tongue pushed into my asshole.

I climaxed. Chelsea and Maria laughed as my seed flew into the air. Rina stayed where she was as Jasmine’s tongue probed deeper.

They never invite me to their games, but I feel that I always win.

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