Nov 082020

After four long years, President Orange Shit-stain is finally defeated. It has been a heck of a week.

Election night was scary as I realized that yep, half of the country is still racist as fuck. It is baffling to me that in the middle of a pandemic, so many people want to stay with the bleach-injector guy. I stayed up until midnight, taking small comfort that Georgia and North Carolina was competitive and Arizona was kicking ass.

My dreams that night were stressful.

Wednesday was a bit better and Thursday was more so. There was a scene in a Red Dwarf novel where Lister has to shoot a rocket into an asteroid that needed to bounce off another planetary body in order to save the ship. He fired the rocket, but because space is big, it took several days for the results to play out. His life was at stake, but all he could do was slowly watch things move at astronomical speeds. I thought about that scene a lot the last two days.

My intention was to write during this time but you know, the brain just didn’t want to cooperate. I have a story for Vaquel all plotted out and 1/3 done, but I just couldn’t make my brain work. The best I did was proofread my next interactive book and even that was slow going.

Friday was funny. I knew Biden was going to win, but I was just waiting for the final word. We all knew it. The Orange Shit-stain knew it. Articles were being written about White House staff drawing straws to figure out who was going to tell the Shit-stain to grow up. It was nice, but it was a muted joy.

Then came Saturday. I was about to head out to the store when Twitter started screaming with joy. I flipped on the news and there it was, Biden was the winner. People were dancing in the street. The Orange Shit-Stain’s lawyer was having a press conference at a landscaping place for the some reason. Joe Scarborough was solemnly congratulating Biden while hoping we forgot about how much free airtime he gave the Shit-Stain back in 2016. Gritty memes filled Twitter. Something bloomed in my heart and I realized it was joy.

Randomly, I was reminded of something a Bush official said way back before we invaded Iraq. “They will greet us as liberators.” That was bullshit, but it felt real now. We have been liberated. The petty tyrant and his twitter feed was on his way out. We have moved out of the abusive family home. We have packed our bags and moved out while the psycho spouse was at work. We are free.

Of course, I know he will be around for ten more weeks but there are already changes. Twitter has turned his feed into a long list of content warnings. Fox News is wondering if he will grow up and act like an adult. Biden spoke to the country like a man who owns a heart. It feels good.

There is also the Senate. Goddamn, 2020, you just don’t let up. The Georgia runoffs will need to be dealt with. It is time to work our asses off. We can’t afford to slack off, but we can still have room for a little joy.

Now hopefully I can get back to writing space porn.

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