Nov 182020

Explorer’s Log: It is day thirty-six of my fifty day journey to the star system designated “The Queen Only Loves You When You’re Obeying,” by Royal Astronomers. I have worked out what was wrong with the air recycler and it is now operating at peak efficiency. The power cells were running hot and needed to be adjusted. The burnt pubic hair smell is still lingering and I pray to the Queen that it goes away soon.

This morning I received a message from a recreation barge. They inquired if I was interested in being a guest for something called, “a fan convention”. My explorations in the Interplanetary Championship Alliance has turned me into a minor celebrity. Apparently, the passengers on the ship want to know more about me.

It sounds strange, but the recreation barge has agreed to synchronize with my journey so I will not lose any travel time while visiting. They have also offered me food, the use of their luxury bathing suites and something called “commemorative swag”. In order to learn more about these unusual customs for the Queen, I will accept their invitation. End explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Getting off the ship means I can give the probe ship time to flush out the burnt pubic hair smell. I don’t quite understand what a fan convention is, but I imagine it will involve a lot of people worshiping me. Will there be statues made in my honor? Can I expect choirs to sing my praises? I can’t wait to see what kind of throne they make for me.

“Hello, Vaquel Di,” the Goxx male said. “I want to say something about your encounter with Ailynn, the Champion of Speed. I am a big fan of Ailynn and I thought her battle against the Jonner during the Finite Crisis was one of the best performances of any champion anywhere. The way she smashed through the Borbite Mountain to cause that avalanche was a brilliant use of her power, though I think she might have been more effective if she had doubled her momentum in order to fragment the boulders into smaller chunks.”

Vaquel Di shifted in her chair. The seat cushion reminded her of the thermal plating on her ship; cold and inflexible. The back wasn’t much better. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table in front of her. The microphone pointed at her face amplified the sigh from her lips.

Two hundred Goxx stared back at Vaquel as the male kept talking about a battle that Vaquel had never heard of. It was a sea of grey faces on the edge of their own uncomfortable seats. Some of them had dyed their mohawks the same shade of pink as Vaquel’s hair. A few were even dressed in homemade skintight suits that were decent imitations of Vaquel’s own outfits. All of them looked at her with rapt fascination.

“I noticed that when Ailynn carried you, she stood up straight and held you to her. That is interesting because when she met the Champion of Illusion, she had one foot back and to the side. I think she did that stance because of the height difference and also-“

Vaquel couldn’t believe that she put on her transparent purple spacesuit for this. She had been here for an hour and it had just been one long line of Goxx asking questions and sharing personal stories. They could barely see her heavy brown breasts. The table prevented anyone from admiring her pink pubic bush. This was not the worship she was expecting.

“And do you have a question?” said Kogeryn, seated to Vaquel’s left. She was the Goxx female who was moderating this ordeal. Vaquel admired how Kogeryn painted her mouth tusks pink.

“Oh, uh, yes,” the Goxx fan said. “What did Ailynn smell like?”

“Don’t really remember,” Vaquel said. A floating drone amplified her answer for the crowd. “Next question.”

The crushing look of disappointment on the fan’s gray face boosted Vaquel’s spirits. If these fans weren’t going to worship her properly, maybe it was up to her to teach them. It would give them a taste of what is expected when Vaquel’s Queen conquers them in the future.

A cute Goxx male took the place of the previous questioner. He wore a shirt that bore a cartoon image of Vaquel riding a rocket while naked. There was a look of awe in his eyes that Vaquel appreciated.

“Hello, Vaquel Di,” the Goxx said. “My question, is-“

“I’m going to stop you right there,” Vaquel said. She stood up and the microphone drone followed her. Using the chair as a step, Vaquel climbed onto the table. She put her hands on her hips and assumed her best commanding stance.

“Is there something wrong?” Krogeryn asked.

“Nothing is wrong,” Vaquel said. “I’m just not going to answer any more questions without a proper tribute first. You, come over here and play with my pussy. If it is a good question, I’ll let you touch my bare skin.”

The fan looked at the moderator. Krogeryn’s face flushed to a lighter shade of grey.

“We don’t do these kinds of things in public,” Krogeryn said. “When it comes to sexual pleasure, we prefer to keep that private.”

“What are you talking about?” Vaquel asked. “The first time I met a Champion, I fucked him in front of an arena full of people. Every other champion I have fucked, there have been camera drones broadcasting it to everyone. Your entire Alliance has seen me fuck.”

“Yes, but everything that the Champions do is considered public knowledge,” Krogeryn explained. “The public has a right to every detail of a Champion’s life. The same doesn’t apply to non-Champions. Sexual contact is a private thing.”

“Wait, are you telling me that you don’t have media of non-champions fucking each other?”

Krogeryn shook her head. “Why would we?”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “No wonder your species is obsessed with Champions. They are the only sex you get to watch. That is almost too sad to think about.”

“I’m not sure why anyone would want to see other people fuck,” Krogeryn said. Addressing the fan at the head of the ling, “With that settled, why don’t you ask Vaquel your question?”

“No, no,” Vaquel interrupted. “I can’t help it if your species is too prudish. I have needs, and if I am going to answer any more questions, I am going to have to get this pussy rubbed. Besides, don’t you want to massage the same orifice that Champions have fucked?”

“I don’t think you understand,” Krogeryn said.

“Actually, I would like to do that a lot,” the fan said.

“See? Let’s give the fans what they want,” Vaquel said.

Several snorts came from the assembled Goxx. Vaquel understood that the snorts were how they showed appreciation. As the snorts grew, Krogeryn’s shoulders slumped down.

“Okay, if you really want to,” Krogeryn said.

The fan smiled nervously and approached Vaquel. His head came up to Vaquel’s crotch. He reached up and pressed his fingers against the transparent purple material covering her sex.

Vaquel groaned. The fan used two fingers to rub her sex up and down. The thin material stretched as he pushed down. The tips of his fingers just barely penetrated her sex lips.

“Not bad,” Vaquel said. She tried to look impassive but her hips were moving in time to the alien’s fingers. “Go a little slower and push harder.”

The fan did as she asked. His fingers grinded against her moving pussy lips. The thin spacesuit was getting soaked.

Every Goxx in the audience stared silently. Many had shocked looks on their faces but others smiled as if discovering a new delight. A few shifted uncomfortably and tried to subtly adjust their pants. No one looked away.

Vaquel looked at Krogeryn. The cute Goxx woman clenched her tablet tightly. The snouted nostrils flared. She was unconsciously moving her head up and down in sync with the fan’s fingers.

“This is adequate,” Vaquel said. “Ask your question.”

The fan licked his lips and kept rubbing Vaquel’s crotch.

“What was the best thing you ate when you met the Champion of Cooking?” the fan asked.

“That’s a good question,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened over her sex. The audience gasped at her brazenness. The fan’s fingers wiggled past the purple material and into her sex. The thick fingers disappeared inside her pink bush of pubic hair.

“It was definitely her pussy,” Vaquel said. She grabbed a handful of her breast and squeezed. “Though the stuff covering her tits were nice too. But yeah, I am going to go with her pussy. You can take your fingers back now.”

The fan sighed but he removed them from Vaquel’s pussy. He held his slick fingers up so everyone could see. The audience snorted in approval.

“Okay, that was different,” Krogeryn said. “Now that your needs have been met, maybe you should cover your sex again?”

“Who said my needs were met?” Vaquel said. She let go of her breast and put her hands on her hips. A drop of pussy juice fell from her sex and splattered on the table. “The same rules apply. If you want your question answered, you have to give me tribute first. Who’s next?”

A female Goxx was next in line. A pink wig sat on her head. She raised her hand timidly.

Vaquel squatted down on the table. Her thighs were spread wide. She grabbed her breasts through her flimsy spacesuit and lifted them. The dark nipples were visible under the transparent purple.

“Come on up and play with my tits,” Vaquel said.

The Goxx woman looked to the audience who nodded back. Reassured, the fan walked over to Vaquel and stretched out her hands. It was like she was trying to stay as far back as possible. The large hands easily cupped Vaquel’s plentiful globes. She squeezed one tit and then the other. The fan visibly relaxed and took a step closer. She kneaded the breasts with increasing interest.

“Nice, nice,” Vaquel said. “You may ask your question.”

“When you helped the Champion of Math with the unknown entity from another realm, did you notice if he was wearing blue boots or his special white ones?”

Vaquel looked down at the woman kneading her breasts. “That is not a good question. Go look it up yourself. I was too busy trying to get laid and staying alive to notice. You have lost the right to touch my tits. Go away.”

The Goxx woman sighed and released Vaquel’s tits. Someone in the crowd shouted that the boots were white. A murmur of excitement rippled through the crowd.

Vaquel was annoyed. She clapped her hands in the air to get everyone’s attention.

“Listen up!” Vaquel shouted. “No more questions about what Champions were wearing, what they smelled like or who had the best hair! From now on, I am only answering questions about me!”

A few of the Goxx stepped out of the line. A handful remained.

“Okay, uh, next question,” Krogeryn said.

A Goxx woman wearing one of the imitation spacesuits approached the microphone drone. The laser pistol on her hip was an exact replica of the kind Vaquel carried. The fan smiled nervously before asking her question.

“Vaquel Di would you mind rubbing my stomach?”

“Absolutely not!” Krogeryn said. “That is inappropriate to ask!”

“No, it’s fine,” Vaquel said. “I’ll do it.”

“I can’t let this happen,” Krogeryn said. “It goes against every convention protocol.”

“Write a new protocol,” Vaquel said. “This is a convention about me, right? We do things my way and my way involves a lot of touching. You, get over here!”

The fan clapped her hands and ran over to Vaquel. She unzipped the top of her jumpsuit. Large grey breasts popped free, but the crowd whistled when they saw the bulges of her abdominal muscles.

Vaquel hopped off the table. She pressed her hand against the alien’s stomach. The fan moaned loudly. Vaquel rubbed her hand in a slow circle.

“Oh fuck,” the fan moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” Vaquel said. “What if I use my nails and dig in just a little?”

“Oh yessss,” the fan hissed. His abdominal muscles clenched and quivered.

Krogeryn tried to regain control of the panel. “I understand your species does not have this erogenous zone?”

“That’s right,” Vaquel said. “I mean, I am sure some do, but it is not as universal as it with your kind. I could get you off if I kept doing this, right?”

The fan nodded her head vigorously.

“So, your breasts are your primary erogenous zones?” Krogeryn asked.

“My tits, my ass, my neck and my inner thighs,” Vaquel said. She kept rubbing the fan’s belly. “Though to be honest, my whole body is sensitive if it is the right hand or the right mouth.”

The fan shuddered. She grabbed Vaquel’s shoulder for support. There was another shudder and then a moan.

“That’s enough for you,” Vaquel said. She took her hand away from the alien’s stomach. As the fan let out one last moan, Vaquel slapped her ass. The fan squealed and quickly rejoined the crowd.

“Next question!” Krogeryn said. “And remember to keep it respectful, people. Vaquel is our guest!”

“Fuck that,” Vaquel said, sitting back on the table. She idly played with her crotch. “Keep it dirty.”

The next fan was a male. Twin bulges strained against his pants. He carried a large box that he set down before speaking.

“Thank you, Vaquel,” the fan said. “I just want to say that I am a big fan and I have watched all of your adventures. Your journey through Interplanetary Championship Alliance space has been an inspiration to me. I brought a gift that I made with my own hands. Can I give it to you?”

“Is it a dildo?” Vaquel asked.

“Uh, no,” the fan said.

Vaquel sighed. “Fine, what is it?”

The fan picked up the box and carried it to the table Vaquel was sitting on. He set it down and pressed a button. The box walls disintegrated to reveal the gift.

It was a lifelike statue of Vaquel. She was standing with her hands on her hips in a red spacesuit. The spacesuit around her stomach was bare to show smooth brown skin. An imitation glassteel helmet encased her cute little head.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. It was a statue! It was only half-a-meter tall but she got her statue! She thought the ass looked a little too big but she didn’t care. It was a proper fucking statue.

“Do you like it?” the fan said. “I carved it out of polymass and-“

“Take your pants off,” Vaquel said.

“What?” the fan said.

“What?” Krogeryn yelled.

“Take off your pants and fuck me,” Vaquel said. She walked around to the side of the table and pressed another button on her belt. All of the purple suit below her waist receded into her belt. She bent over the table and wiggled her brown ass.

The fan reached for his pants, hesitated and then looked to the moderator.

“No, no, no!” Krogeryn said.

“Ask them,” Vaquel said, waving to the watching crowd. “Do you want to see this statue-maker get his reward and fuck the same pussy that Champions have fucked?”

“YES!” the crowd roared. Snorts of approval echoed through the hall.

Vaquel smiled at Krogeryn. “The fans have spoken.”

The statue-making fan tore open his pants. Twin cocks surged forth from his crotch. He swiftly walked up to Vaquel and took his phalluses in both hands. Looking at her Vaquel’s single vagina, he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Don’t worry, I worked this out,” Vaquel said. She rubbed her sex and then her thighs. Pussy juices glistened on her dark skin. “Stick your top cock in my cunt and fuck my thighs with your other cock.”

“Yes, Vaquel Di,” the fan said. He pushed the head of his top phallus to her sex lips. The broad tip pushed inside of her. His lower cock slid between her thick thighs.

Vaquel closed her legs around the fan’s lower organ. She moaned as his top cock filled her slick sex. The thick phallus reached deep inside of her.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “Don’t you dare pull out until you make me come.”

“Yes, Vaquel Di,” the fan said. He grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. His broad pelvis flattened her round ass with every thrust.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Krogeryn said. “They are never going to let me moderate a panel again.”

“Then, unh, you might, unh, as well, uhn, enjoy it,” Vaquel said between thrusts.

“What do you mean?” Krogeryn asked. “How can I enjoy this flagrant display of sex?”

“You people, uhn, don’t have oral sex, unh, so get on this table, oh fuck, and let me eat you. Oh fuck that feels nice. You can, oh yes, tell these fans, uhn, what it is like.”

A gasp went through the crowd, followed by snorts of approval.

“I couldn’t,” Krogeryn said as she stood up. “I will be banned from future Champion conventions.”

She walked around the table to where Vaquel was being fucked.

“Actually, I am probably already banned for what has happened so far,” Krogeryn said.

Vaquel moaned and patted the table in front of her. “Quit, oh fuck, stalling.”

Krogeryn looked at the crowd. She looked back at Vaquel’s pussy and thighs getting pummeled by the fan. A loud sigh escaped her snout and she pulled down her pants. The crowd snorted with excited approval as she climbed onto the table and spread her legs in front of the hedonistic brown alien.

Vaquel looked down on Krogeryn’s twin sex lips. There were bare of hair and remarkably smooth. She kissed the top pussy and then the bottom. Krogeryn’s thighs quivered when she kissed the lower sex, so Vaquel lingered there and took a lick.

“By the Icons!” Krogeryn gasped.

“What is it like?” someone shouted from the audience.

“It is hard to describe Vaquel Di’s tongue,” Krogeryn said. “It is like a slick finger, but smaller and-Oh! It is so much quicker. She’s pressing her face into my pussy. I can feel her breathing on me. Her tongue is twisting and licking faster than I can keep up!”

The Goxx fucking Vaquel grunted. His lower cock popped free of Vaquel’s thighs and he stopped thrusting. She reached down and grabbed the thick head. The alien resumed fucking as Vaquel held onto his lower member. He pushed in and out of the grip of her hand while also pounding her sex.

Vaquel moaned into Krogeryn’s pussy. She used her free hand to finger the moderator’s upper pussy. One finger was joined by a second and a third inside the alien cunt. Juices flowed from the higher pussy and dripped down to Vaquel’s mouth sealed over the lower sex.

“This is incredible,” Krogeryn said. “Vaquel’s mouth is wet and so soft! I feel her teeth but they are not sharp points like our tusks. She’s grinding her face into my sex and her nose is rubbing against me! Evolution fucked us over by giving us tusks! We could be doing this every day!”

One of the Goxx males in the audience stood up and came closer to the stage. Another Goxx male joined him. Two women stood up and then the entire audience pushed forward. Everyone wanted to see this novel pleasure up close.

Vaquel felt their eyes upon her. She lifted her head from Krogeryn’s pussy and blew them a kiss with glistening lips. As the crowd watched, she pulled her fingers out of Krogeryn’s upper pussy and pushed them into her lower one. As Krogeryn cried out, Vaquel dived down onto the upper pussy and licked as hard as she could.

“Fuck!” Krogeryn cried. She slammed a hand on the table. Her hips rose to me push back on Vaquel’s mouth and fingers. Krogeryn shook her head from side to side, too lost in pleasure to keep narrating.

The Goxx fucking Vaquel let out a low growl. His fingers dug into Vaquel’s hips. He stopped, and then delivered a hard thrust followed by another before opening his mouth wide.

Twin blasts of seed erupted from the Goxx’s cocks. One hot load shot deep into Vaquel’s pussy. The other sprayed onto Vaquel’s hands and onto the floor.

A blast of hot liquid splattered Vaquel’s back. It was the thick musk that Goxx males vomited during orgasm. She thanked the Queen that she was still wearing her spacesuit on her back. That shit lingered for days on her skin. She had forgotten all about the musk these fuckers sprayed.

Vaquel froze in her licking. The Goxx females sprayed their musk through their pussies.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel swore.

Krogeryn grabbed the back of Vaquel’s head. She pressed Vaquel tight against her sexes as she cried out. Broad grey thighs closed around Vaquel’s head.

Double blasts of musk launched into Vaquel’s face. She clamped her eyes and mouth shut as the thick liquid clung to her face. The feminine scent overwhelmed her nose and seemed to fill her lungs.

Vaquel rose from Krogeryn’s open thighs. The moderator was panting on the table and staring at the ceiling. The Goxx fan pulled out from Vaquel’s pussy and hand, spilling more seed down Vaquel’s legs. Vaquel stood up and walked around the side of the table to give the assembled audience a better look at her.

“Any more questions or requests?” Vaquel asked.

Every hand in the audience rose.

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