Nov 132020

It is 8:30 in the morning. My wife is in the living room, logging into her daily conference call. She has been working from home since February. The television goes quiet and I know her call has started.

I am in the back of the apartment in the second bedroom. My work computer is set up at the desk. Technically, I am on the clock for my job but at the moment, I am standing at the window. My hand is in my sweatpants, toying with my dick.

Across from my apartment is a line of trees. Just beyond those Maple trees is another apartment complex. On the second floor is a window where the blinds are pulled halfway up. Due to the arrangement of trees, you can only see the window from my window.

A woman steps into view. Well, partial view. The blinds conceal her face. She is wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt. It is pretty much exactly like my work clothes for the past year.

There is a crack in the blinds as she peeks through.

That’s my cue. I pull down my pants. My hard cock is ready. I spit in my hand and stroke my shaft.

The woman reaches into her sweatpants. She forms a tent with her hand. The bulge moves as she strokes herself.

I shudder. My lips are clenched to prevent a groan. I wonder about that unseen pussy in the apartment across from mine. Does she shave? Is it furry? I may never know.

My bedroom door is closed. The excuse is that sometimes my wife uses her speakerphone and the Midwest accents of her coworkers are too distracting. It is a good story, but the door is unlocked and my wife never knocks. Disaster could happen at any moment.

The woman in the other apartment pulls up her shirt. Small breasts flash me from her window. The shirt stays up as she pinches a nipple. I think she has her shirt bottom in her mouth.

I stroke harder. The hand in her pants moves faster.

Who is she? I don’t know. She is here every morning. Well, at least during the week. Is she single? Is she working from home as well? Is there a spouse? Does her spouse work from home like mine? Is her spouse on the same work call as my wife?

She pulls on her nipple. I let my mouth hang open in a silent moan; knowing that she watches my face from behind the crack in the blinds. I pump my cock with hard strokes.

None of my questions matter. 2020 has been an awful year, but this little illicit act of intimacy has given me something to look forward to. It has given me a daily adventure in a world that has shrunk to my apartment. Jerking off with a total stranger has been the best part of a really shitty time.

Still, it would be nice to see her face when I come. Oh well, those are nice tits.

I come. My seed splatters the window. I make a mess as I show my lust.

The woman comes. It has happened so many times that I recognize the signs. Her hips buck, the movement in her pants quickens and then stops. She does a slight twist to her nipple as she rides out her orgasm.

We are done. She pulls her shirt down and takes her hand out of her pants. I wave, and she waves back. She steps away from the window while I get the Windex and paper towels.

My wife has yet to notice how clean the windows are in this room.

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