Nov 252020
So much better than the California Hotel down the road.

The next interactive book I wrote was supposed to be about aliens. For years I have kicked around an idea about female aliens attacking the Earth and enslaving the men. I had in mind something that was a cross between Wells’ War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks and Cinemax skin movies. Some days I pictured it as an anthology book like World War Z, and other days I imagine it as a short novella centered around one character. I could never quite decide.

This year I decided to finally stop speculating and just write it. I needed a subject for a short interactive erotica book and figured running from sexy aliens would do the trick. 2020 would be the year of the alien invasion!

As you can tell, it didn’t quite work out that way.

2020 has felt like an invasion already. COVID has us trapped at home, making targeted raids on grocery stores while guarding our mouths and noses from germ penetration. A sinister occupying force of heavily armed assholes called the police have been killing civilians without reason or mercy. An insane tyrant screams misinformation at us everyday through our phones and computers.

I don’t know about you, but I needed a fucking vacation. My thoughts turned away from marauding aliens and towards lovely hotels located in the Smoky Mountains. Instead of fighting for our lives, I wanted to meet new people and make friends. Most of all, I yearned for a little peaceful escapism.

Which is what I have created with “Work at the MILF Hotel.” You play Gregory, a young man who works at a very special hotel. The guests are all older women who need a little tender care. Gregory is an Attendant, a special role that takes care of the guests’ carnal needs. It is your first day and you are expected to work three shifts. Along the way, you will encounter other employees of the hotel and engage in some serious foreplay before attending to your next guest.

This is one of my more relaxed books. There is no danger and no abrupt. You can’t be killed or even fired.

This might also be my most vanilla work in awhile. If you like stories ground in the real world, then this is for you. There is some blackmail roleplay and a lot of women-in-charge, but the only spanking is by request. I have a witch performing a ritual and a certain mysterious encounter, but that is because you can’t get away from that stuff in the Smoky Mountains. trust me on that.

This book is shorter than my other interactive books. That is by design. I want to produce two or three of these books a year. As much as I love an epic story, I think there is more value in a book you can visit and enjoy a short vacation.

Start your vacation at the MILF Hotel here.

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