Oct 232020

The Tindalos Asset is the third book in the Tinfoil Dossier series by Caitlin Kiernan. Horrible aquatic incidents are happening around the world and a shadowy secret government agency knows that something terrible is about to rise out of the ocean and it all because of a crazed serial killer with a hard on for Cthulhu. Options are limited so they are reactivating a burned out agent who barely survived her last encounter with the serial killer.

You know, it pains me to see this series is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft because that does a disservice to how incredibly creative and creepy Kiernan is. Most Lovercraftian writers are imitators, where as Kiernan brings a deep science background and a knack for truly alien weird fiction. her characters are queer, dark and deeply human in a way Lovecraft was never able to obtain.

The other thing I greatly enjoy in this series is that the shadowy government agency that is fighting to save humanity is just as byzantine, mysterious and outright lacking in humanity as the cults they fight. It is X-Files as if existing in a Thomas Ligotti world and peopled with John le Carre’s deeply compromised characters.

This book, like every book in the series, is a wonderful work of art. It is also complex as fuck. Each chapter starts in a different time period from the one before, and if you are like me, you better take notes. The complexity is a plus for me as it adds to the feeling of working your way through a damn mysterious world. The heroes in these stories are lucky to survive, much less defeat whatever horror they must face.

The books are also blissfully short. This helps a lot because you are going to want to set aside a day to read them in their entirety. They are also filled with “Holy shit” moments and concepts that will stick with you for a long time. I highly recommend them this Halloween season.

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