Oct 142020

I awoke in silence. The eight hour mp3 of waves had turned off, despite only being midnight. The heater was silent even though there was a chill in the air. There were no ticks from the clock and I had wound it just before going to bed.

The silence was broken by a gasp. It wasn’t me. This was a feminine voice. It sounded like it came from beside me.

There was a squishy sound. I knew it well. Something slick plunged into something wet. It was fast. The wet sounds were accompanied by moans.

My cock hardened. My mouth watered. A terrible need rose within me.

I rolled over on my side towards the sounds. There was no one on the bed with me, but there was a depression in the sheets. I felt around and there was the wet spot.

The wet gushing sound grew louder. The moans became more insistent. The bed shifted as something unseen writhed on my sheets.

I brought my wet fingers to my lips. The musky smell made me moan. My dick pulsed within my boxers. It was tempting to rub the slick discharge onto my hard member.

There was a whisper. I strained to hear it. It was much softer than the loud sounds of something pushing into a damp tight place. I could almost make out the words.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” they whispered.

The bed creaked. I reached out and felt a dip in the bed. The wet spot had grown. My hand was soaked.

The cries grew louder. Sharp, desperate shouts of pure pleasure rang in my ears. The mattress shook.

I couldn’t resist. Temptation broke me once more. My hand went to my cock. Wet fingers wrapped around my hard length.

Silence. The bed stopped moving. My fingers were no longer wet.

The sound of the ocean returned to the speakers. The heater buzzed to life. Tick-tock went the clock.

I stroked myself with dry fingers. My moans were soft whimpers. My seed erupted forth and made a lonely mess in my boxers.

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