Oct 262020

Dearest Mackenzie,

This cursed pandemic has separated us for far too long. I miss binding your charming body. I miss tormenting your lovely breasts. I miss being the architect of your pleasure. Most of all, I miss your submission.

Last week I requested that you send me your favorite vibrator and you dutifully obeyed. I broke the vibrator down and inside my Hedonius Librarius and extracted its essential aura. I did the same thing with the red nipple clamps that I made you wear when you last came to visit, as well as the velvet glove that I used to explore your body. Last, through great personal exertion, I managed to create a sensory simulacrum of my cock.

I combined these potent qualities into the condom that is included with this letter. You no doubt have already sensed its potent enchantment. Tonight, take this condom inside your sacred circle along with a dildo. Slip the condom over the dildo and then slip the dildo inside your blessed cunt. Thrust six times while chanting the secret name that you call me. Afterward, remove the condom and set it aside in a safe place.

What is the purpose of this spell? It is simple, my most treasured one. Every time I touch my cock, the magic will activate. Your nipples will be pinched by invisible clamps. An unseen glove will caress your body. The ghost of my thick cock will fill your sex. Familiar vibrations will wash over your pussy.

The sensation will stop when I let go of my cock. You may also stop the sensations by having an orgasm. The only other way to stop it would be to cut the condom in half, but that would completely cancel the spell and then you would be without my touch once more.

I do realize that this gift of mine may be difficult at times. You do a lot of video conference calls for your job and the experience of having your nipples cruelly pinched will be distracting. I also know that you like to unwind with a good video game or two and your performance will certainly suffer if a velvet hand were to touch your ass. It is a good thing that you must limit your travel during this pandemic or else a sudden cock thrust inside your pussy would be quite hard to conceal while in public.

But I suspect these hardships will be a small price to pay for the intimate knowledge of knowing every time that I touch my cock. Any inconvenience will be washed away by the powerful vibrations of your former vibrator. Your submission to my whims is worth future embarrassments.

Remember, the only way to earn a temporary respite is to give yourself an orgasm. This will neutralize the enchantment for thirty-six minutes. After that, another touch of my cock will activate the magic once more.

Your Master,

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