Sep 232020

“I recognize that breastplate,” Lieutenant Lustbane said. “It belongs to Lady Griefbringer. She led one of the patrols that went missing in this area.”

“What is a noble woman’s breastplate doing on the outside wall of a tower?” Lady Virtueheart asked.

“Not covering her breasts,” quipped Initiate Darren.

Lady Virtueheart cut Initiate Darren a stern look. He had the wisdom to look embarrassed. She turned her attention back to the breastplate and examined it.

The red steel was covered in white stains. Pieces of steel had been removed from the cups of the breastplate that would have exposed the wearer’s nipples. There was an impression on the side that looked like a hand print. What could leave a dint in true steel?

There were words engraved on the wall. Lady Virtueheart sneered. Literacy was a burning offence on its own.

“Read it,” Lady Virtueheart commanded.

Initiate Fianne leaned close to the wall. The Rune-Bearer was eager to be of use. She whispered a mantra and the red runes on her bald head pulsed with magic. The Great Burner granted her the power to understand the profane writings.

“Lady Tezera Griefbringer, leader of armed men and a fantastic cocksucker.”

“How dare you!” Lt Lustbane growled. He swatted the back of Initiate Fianne’s head with the back of his mailed hand.

“I’m sorry!” Initiate Fianne said. “I swear, that is what is written there! I am only obeying the Lady’s orders!”

“Stay your hand,” Lady Virtueheart commanded the lieutenant. “Let her read the words free from punishment. Continue, Initiate.”

“Thank you, Milady,” Fianne said, rubbing the back of her head. She whispered her mantra and the runes flashed again.

“Plump of breast and narrow of hips, she has a fondness for anal fornication and verbal degradation. Lasted ten minutes in the purple room before screaming for my cock. Deep-throated an ogre. Favorite whore of the goblins.”

Initiate Fainne’s cheeks flushed. She backed away from the wall and the breastplate. The runes returned to normal. “That is all, Milady.”

“Read this one,” Lt. Lustbane commanded. He stood a few feet away, next to a large spiked club and more illicit words. The tip of the club had been recently broken recently.

Initiate Fianne walked over to him and read aloud.

“Katrick Lowborn, Confessor and adequate footstool. Long of tongue and steady of arms, he is a quick learner and fierce humper. A natural sadistic with a low pain tolerance. Says he hates fucking the ratwomen but is always hard for them.”

Lt. Lustbane vibrated with rage. “Confessor Katrick was a friend of my father’s. He helped me flog my first harlot.”

Lady Virtueheart turned and walked along the circumference of the wall. A few feet away hung a broken sword. Further down was the mailed skirt of a Tormentress. Past it was the torn pants of a soldier of the Great Burner. She counted thirty trophies before returning back to her party.

“Ready your weapons and say your prayers,” Lady Virtueheart announced. “I believe we have discovered a Lustmancer.”

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