Sep 022020

Fucktoy tugged on Master’s cock. It was dim underneath the desk, but the lube caught what little light there was and sparkled. The head of his dick almost shimmered.

She wished that she could taste Master’s cock but the hard ball gag in her mouth prevented. Besides, she had been commanded to only use her hands this evening. Master wanted a handjob, and that is what he would get.

Where was she going to direct his seed when Master came? Should she lean in and pump his load onto her bare breasts? Maybe she should aim Master’s come at her ball gag? If she leaned back, could she shoot it down to her wet cunt? Probably not, but it might be fun to try.

On top of the desk, Fucktoy heard clicking. Master was typing. Was he writing a letter? Maybe some filthy message to another of his toys? Was every stroke of Fucktoy’s hands inspiring Master’s instructions to another slut?

Jealousy burned within Fucktoy. There was also annoyance over being under the desk out of Master’s view. Most of all though, there was lust. Her wet cunt was dripping onto the carpet, neglected, needy and so much nearer to Master’s cock than some whore online.

Fucktoy stroked Master’s cock. She used both hands. It was a requirement. Master had ordered both hands was to be on him at all times. There was no way to sneak a hand away to pinch her nipple or stroke her pussy. Master would know and his punishment would be unpleasant.

There was a groan. Fucktoy knew that groan. Master was aroused. Surely, it was from her hands and not from something he read? No words written by a skank online could compare with her hands.

But a picture might. Fucktoy thought of the pictures that Master makes her take. He often made that same groan when he saw her pictures.

Fucktoy increased the pace of her pumping. The lube made loud squelching noise. She leaned closer, tempted to rub her nose against Master’s tip but knowing better.

Tonight, he only wants her hands.

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