Aug 242020

If you read my last interactive book, Be the Supervillain, you might have missed a part early on. I thought it would be fun to share it here.

In an interactive story, the reader clicks a choice at the end of the segment to take them to the next part. Some readers, especially new ones, might simply turn the page out of habit. In the past, this would lead to a segment out of sequence and the reader would realize their mistake. This time around, I decided to help the reader out.

In Be the Supervillain, your first devious act is to torment your billionaire slave before you go commit your crime for the evening. If you turned to the next page, this is what you got.



Look, I get it. You are a supervillain and you do what you want. That is why you went to the next page instead of clicking on one of the choices. I respect your flagrant disregard for the concept of interactive fiction.

Just don’t expect this book to make any sense if you do that. Why don’t you try give it another try?

How do you reward the billionaire for his service?

Jerk him off with my hand.

Deny him his pleasure and have him assist me with my clothes.

Pull his face between my thighs and make him lick me.


I plan to do this in all my ineteractive books going forward. It is a quick bit that helps the reader and only takes a few sentences to write on my part. I also enjoy giving the instructions in character as a way to reinforce the mood of the book.

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