Jul 152020

FTL Y’all is a collection of short comics centered around an intriguing idea. In our near-present day, someone has uploaded a really simple blueprint for a Faster-than-Light drive. You can build this engine yourself with common parts. This creates a surge in space travel as everyday men and women strap on a FTL engine to washer machines, RV’s and whatever else they can get a hold of.

The drawback to universal space travel is that there are no maps. In some cases, there isn’t much of a guidance system. It is a mass exodus of people launch themselves into the unknown.

It has been a joy. As someone who grew up dreaming of space travel, this collection of stories resparks that same feeling I had when I first read about the Voyager probes. The stories, all SFW, range from comical to deeply touching. The stories are about space travel, but the heart of each story is the people. Love stories abound as well as a few tragedies. It sounds like a cliche, but I found this entire book to be heart-warming.

You can buy the book in your preferred format here.

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