Jul 082020

Maxwell Booker stared at the ceiling. A large screen displayed an alien skyscape. Pink and brown clouds floated in contrasting directions. It reminded him of lava lamp.

He was lying on a table, though the surface he was on was padded and not uncomfortable. Something metallic held onto his wrists, stretching his arms past his head. The same hard restraints locked his ankles in place. His arms, body and legs formed a straight line on the table.

Maxwell had woken up on this table. The last thing he remembered was defending the President in the White House Bunker and failing. That’s not true. The last thing he remembered was getting smothered in giant purple tits. Clearly, he had been taken prisoner.

Was this a cell or an interrogation room? Maxwell looked around the room, searching for a clue. The white walls were devoid of decoration or furniture. He wasn’t even sure where the light was coming from.

Maxwell just wished he knew why the Venusians had stripped him naked. It was probably to humiliate him. If he was embarrassed, then it would soften him up for their questions.

Fuck that. Maxwell wasn’t going to tell them anything. To be honest, he didn’t really know that much since his primary job was protecting an idiot President who was now dead, but the aliens didn’t know that. He would stall and make them waste their time interrogating him. All they would get from him is his name and rank.

There was a hissing sound. A crack formed in one of the white walls. Someone stepped through.

It was a Venusian. Eight feet tall, and mostly naked, the Venusian looked like a human woman with purple skin and black hair. Well, no human had tits that big or black nipples that large. Also, no human had muscles bulging up and down her arms and legs while still so strongly identifying as female.

Was it the same Venusian that had captured Maxwell? He couldn’t tell. She had the same black hair, yellow eyes and luscious lips as the other one, but he couldn’t be sure. No one had ever seen a Venusian outside their battle armor until Maxwell was captured.

The Venusian wasn’t alone. Another purple alien woman walked in, followed by another and then another and another. Maxwell counted a total of twelve giantesses before the crack in the wall disappeared.

A heavy scent hung in the air. It was sweet and reminded Maxwell of a flower shop. He found himself drooling.

The Venusians surrounded the table. They leaned in close to look at Maxwell. Some of them gazed at him like he was a snack.

Maxwell studied them as best he could from his position. Some of them had red streaks in their black hair. One had a red eye that looked artificial. Another had remarkably larger breasts for her already well-endowed kind.

Inevitably, his cock responded to the sight of so much bare flesh. It throbbed and hardened with each pulse.

A Venusian pointed and a whistle sound came from her lips. The other Venusians answered with whistles of their own. Those who didn’t whistle licked their lips.

Maxwell didn’t know what to do. He pulled on his restraints but they held on just as tightly as they had since he had woken up.

One of the Venusians reached for Maxwell’s cock. He tried to twist away from her but it was useless. The Venusian had a white streak in her long black hair. She gripped Maxwell’s cock with surprising gentleness.

Maxwell froze. They had his cock. He sure as fuck didn’t want to anger them.

The white-streaked Venusian whistled. The other Venusians whistled back. Her palm was as wide as Maxwell’s cock was long. She curled two of her smaller fingers around Maxwell’s member.

Maxwell groaned. His cock pulsed in the Venusian’s hand.

The Venusian stroked Maxwell’s cock. Up and down she went, all the time whistling those strange sounds.

The other Venusians leaned in closer. Massive purple breasts hung above Maxwell. Some Venusians stared at his member while a few stared at his face.

One Venusian with two red streaks in her hair and a silver ring through her nipple, whistled something. She stretched her hand out and touched his balls with the tips of her fingernails. As the white-streaked Venusian continued to stroke, the red-streaked Venusian rubbed his balls.

“Oh fuck,” Maxwell groaned. Did they not have cocks on Venus? Maybe they were just curious about his dick’s ability to grow hard.

The white-streaked Venusian stopped whistling and leaned over Maxwell’s phallus. Spit fell from her lips. The Venusian kept stroking, smearing her spit over his hard member.

“Fucking shit,” Maxwell said. They knew exactly what his cock was. The alien women were toying with him. Getting him off was probably a part of their plan to humiliate him. Well fuck that. They would get nothing out of him, not even his come!

The other Venusians reached out to touch him. some gripped his legs with their powerful hands. Other ran their fingernails along the side of his broad chest. One Venusian, the one with the largest breasts, reached down and tapped his nose.

Maxwell tried to ignore the many hands touching him. He tried to think about football, but he kept picturing giant naked alien women ramming straight through a defensive line. He switched to multiplication tables but every time he looked at a massive pair of breasts, he doubled the number he was working with. Finally, he tried closing his eyes but just made him even more aware of how many aliens were touching him.

The Venusian at his cock tightened her grip. She also stroked him faster. More spit fell onto his cock.

“Fucking fuck, shit, shit, shit,” Maxwell groaned.

The alien woman bopping Maxwell’s nose stopped. She bent down closer to look at him. Her giant purple breasts dangled inches from his face. He caught himself lifting his head to try to nuzzle them.

The alien stroking his balls moved her fingers to the tip of his cock instead. She rubbed the bit of pre-come that was forming. Maxwell watched her bring her fingers to her nose, sniff and then take a lick.

“Oh, FUCK!” Maxwell groaned. He had to keep from coming. It was only act of defiance left to him. He couldn’t let himself come. This was for America!

The Venusian who tasted his pre-come reached for his cock. The tip of her fingernail touched the head of his member. Slowly, she traced the circumference of Maxwell’s cockhead.

Maxwell gritted his teeth. He looked up at the Venusian above his head. She opened her mouth and a pink tongue licked her dark lips.

That was the final straw. Maxwell climaxed. A stream of seed shot into the air like a rocket. One of the Venusians snatched it from the air with lightning speed. She licked it from her hand.

The Venusian kept pumping his cock. More seed flew upwards. The Venusians tried to snatch it from the air with their incredible speed. As soon as one caught a load, they licked their fingers clean. Not a single drop landed in Maxwell or the table.

As Maxwell came, the Venusian above his head lowered her nipple to his mouth. He lunged upwards and wrapped his lips around it. His tongue flickered as fast as he could.

The nipple tasted like lavender.

When there was no more seed to pump, the white-streaked Venusian let go of his cock. She whistled and the others whistled back. some of the whistles reminded Maxwell of giggles.

The Venusian above Maxwell stood up. Her nipple popped from Maxwell’s mouth. A line of spit connected her black nipple to his lips but it was soon broken.

The Venusians headed back to the wall. The crack re-appeared. Maxwell watched a dozen perfect purple asses leave the room.

“Fuck,” he whispered. What was that all about? He had no idea.

Above him, pink and brown clouds collided together on the view screen.

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