Jul 202020

The naked ninety-nine foot tall woman smashed through downtown. Her massive foot flattened a sports car and the senior market analyst inside. A hip brushed against a building and tore a chunk of it off. Long brown hair fluttered but only slightly as the hair was too heavy for the wind to move.

A helicopter approached her from behind. Twin machine guns unleashed a volley of bullets at her ass. The high-speed impacts barely dimpled her enormous buttock.

The giantess cried out in rage more than pain. Windows shattered from her screams. She spun around and reached for the helicopter. The pilot was mesmerized by the swinging of mountainous breasts and failed to evade in time. She grabbed the bottom of the helicopter and crushed it in her hand. Helicopters blades detached and flew through the air.

The annoyance taken care of, the giantess turned at the intersection. Her shoulder clipped another office building, gouging a massive hole. The floor above the point of collision collapsed. Debris, glass and gawking onlookers fell from the building and onto the giantess.

One of those gawking onlookers was David Swertz. He screamed as he plummeted towards the ninety-nine foot tall woman’s freckled shoulder. When he landed, the impact knocked the wind out of him. He gasped for air when he should have been gasping for skin. A moment later, he slid down the front of the giantess’ chest.

It was a slippery slide. Sweat coated the giantess’ body. David slid down the ZZZx10^120 cup, gaining momentum from the sloped curve. The skin was too hard and the sweat was too slick. He just couldn’t get a grip.

David looked down. The nipple was fast approaching. Maybe he could grab onto the spongy flesh. He twisted and turned his body to aim for the nipple.

The slick skin gave way to the bumpy texture of the aureole. David grabbed on with everything he had. His fingers dug in and his momentum slowed. The nipple came up between his legs and he scissored his legs tight around it.

David came to a stop. He did it! He was alive! Overcome with joy, he kissed the breast that he was holding onto.

The giantess growled. The low-pitch rumble filled David’s bones.

He looked up. The Giantess looked down on him. She frowned.

“Sorry!” he yelled.

Massive fingers brushed David off the life-saving nipple.

The giantess flashed before his eyes. A pale flat stomach. A thick forest of brown pubic hair. Thick thighs. Shapely calves. Feet the size of buses.

Gray asphalt.

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